I’m trying to switch to an individual seller from Professional

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Hi, I have just opened my seller account and have been approved to sell on 4th May, Then they reviewed and suspended it saying I hadn’t provided sufficient information. Still suspended. I have decided I don’t want to pay them $54.95 per month for no service. How can I downgrade the account from Professional to Individual. it says 'You have another service associated with this account which does not allow you to change your subscription status;. Regards Rodney

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Hi, I just opened my dealer account. He then suspended the investigations saying that I did not provide enough information. Still suspended. Amazon should value the vendors as much as they value their customers. However, we do not see it even at the opening of the account. I think he should review some of his policies. You have to offer more logical reasons that we and you win.

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Same story here.
I register and paid yesterday and they did have said my identification verification has been successful and i can start selling, however the account was de-activated for no reason.
I paid $54.95 for nothing so far too.
I tried everything including calling someone who was not really responsible for Amazon Australia but UK, chatting with online agent who helped to internally raised tickets, through the sellercentre and raise case tickets. Nothing happened.
While typing this, they just sent another email asking for the same documents, the third time now.
Anyone please advise what to do from here?

The same i even raised a request to close this seller’s account, still ignored by the sellers team. very frustrating.

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There is no downgrade available on Amazon Australia . Professional selling plan Only . I have asked and was told that at the moment there are no other options besides the monthly selling fee

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The verification process in the UK can be a real nightmare . I found Amazon Australia’s process very smooth actually

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yes they actually did ring me and explain that, I don’t think they should take peoples money before they can offer them access to the account and selling. I do realise it is quite a structured process

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I have been going through this exact problem. I have had an ABN for the last 20 years and have been in business the last 30 years. I sent them a drivers licence, passport, ASIC business name, ABN details, Internet, phone details, invoices for the business, the only thing I didn’t have was a gas or electricity bill because that is in someone else’s name.

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What you can do is write to Seller Support as request a refund for the payment that was made to them . Explain them why you are requesting a refund and you possibly will have a good chance of being refunded .
Explain without showing anger or annoyance . These are different teams dealing with various issues .
Good Luck

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Once you provide the required product documentation, how long does it take for approval? I would expect 1-2 days, but have been waiting for 4 days.

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