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ASIN product type

1. What is a product type (PT)?

A PT refers to a set of products that share similar attributes. For example, the ‘PILLOW’ PT can refer to products such as bed pillows, throw pillows, and furniture pillows. Each PT has a corresponding template that allows you to provide relevant information about the product.

2. Why is it important for me to select the right PT at the time of listing a product?

Selecting the right PT at the time of listing helps you describe your product more accurately and improves your listing convenience by only being asked for data on product-specific attributes. These product-specific attributes are tagged ‘Recommended’ and providing data for these recommended attributes1 helps improve the overall shopping experience by helping customers make informed buying decisions.

3. How will Amazon help me select the right PT?

We will show the PT associated with the browse node in the PT picker/keyword search experience when you list your product through the 1x1 and bulk upload experiences. Amazon may reclassify your products to a different PT based on internal automated algorithms used to reassign ASINs to the correct PTs. You can find the individual PT descriptions and the corresponding product-specific recommended attributes for the PT here.

4. In the list of upcoming PT launches, I see new PTs that are relevant to products I added to Amazon in the past. Do I need to do anything to update my catalogue?

Amazon will automatically reclassify existing ASINs to the newly created PTs. There is no action needed from your end to manually reclassify ASINs in your catalogue to the new PTs.

1 These are product-specific attributes used to improve the customer experience on the product detail page. We recommended populating this field.

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