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Outlet Store participation terms and conditions

  1. Participation in the outlet store is only open to sellers who have received an invitation from to participate in the Outlet Store in respect of Eligible ASINs (being Eligible FBA Sellers).
  2. An Eligible FBA Seller is not required to participate in the Outlet Store and may decline to participate.
  3. The ‘Participation Period’ will commence on the date stated in the email invitation in respect of the Eligible ASIN, and end on the earlier of (a) the end date stated in that email or (b) the date the original stock is cleared (for example, the FBA inventory in the Amazon Fulfilment Centre at the time the invitation was sent by Amazon).
  4. Eligible ASINs refer to the specific items listed in the personalised invitation sent to Eligible FBA Sellers.
  5. If an Eligible Seller wishes to participate in the Outlet Store, they must, during the Participation Period, offer Eligible ASINs (for the purposes of inclusion in the Outlet Store) at a price equal to or below the recommended price set out in the Outlet Price guide (being the tailored list provided to each Eligible FBA Seller in their invitation to participate in the Outlet Store).
  6. The purpose of the Outlet Store is to clear slow-moving FBA stock.
  7. If an Eligible Seller wishes to participate in the Outlet Store, they must submit the proposed deal information into the Amazon Outlet Store Deals Template and submit to
  8. Regardless of participation in the Outlet Store, all units eligible for FBA must meet our requirements relating to fulfilment unit sizes and measurements. Click here for further details. Certain items will not be eligible to participate in the Outlet Store, these include all prohibited FBA products. Click here for further details.
  9. Participation in the FBA programme is subject to the FBA terms in the Amazon Commercial Services Pty Limited Business Solutions Agreement (BSA). You will be responsible for ensuring that all products registered with FBA comply with our terms and policies.
  10. You will remain liable for all Selling on Amazon and Fulfilment by Amazon fees.
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