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Market Basket report

Note: If you don't have access to this feature, you have not been identified as a seller who meets this criteria as defined by the Amazon Brand Registry. If you believe that you do fit this criteria, contact Selling Partner Support.

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The Market Basket report shows Brand owners which products Amazon customers (in aggregate) most frequently purchased at the same time they purchased the Brand owners’ products. This allows Brand owners to quickly see what products are most commonly purchased with their products to identify bundling and cross marketing opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What information is contained in the Market Basket report?

The Market Basket report shows the top 3 products most frequently purchased at the same time as the Brand owner’s products, along with the percentage of time each of the top 3 products was purchased with the Brand owner’s products out of all products purchased with the Brand owner’s products during the reporting range selected by the user.

Which products show up in the report?

The report shows all of the products associated with brands the Brand owner has successfully registered with the Brand Registry. Products not associated with the Brand owner only show up in the report if they are one of the top 3 products purchased at the same time as one of the Brand owner’s products.

Does the report allow searching for a particular product?

Yes, Brand owners can search for a specific product or set of products by using the ASIN search box at the top of the report. The ASIN search box supports searches for up to 500 ASINs at a time, with either a space or comma separating each ASIN.

How does the Display drop-down work?

The Display drop down allows the user to filter the set of products shown in the report. By default, the Display drop down will show any product in the top 3 products regardless of the associated Brand owner. If the user wants to see only their products in the top 3 products they can select “My products only” in the Display drop down. If the user only wants to see products from other Brand Owners in the top three products, they can select “My products excluded” in the Display drop-down. These views make it easier to identify bundling opportunities and determine directly competing products.

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