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Send to Amazon: Change or cancel your shipment

Cancel a shipment

You can cancel your Send to Amazon shipment by clicking on the Void shipments and charges button at the bottom of the workflow page. Voiding will cancel all of the shipments that you’ve created and move them into Cancelled status in your Shipping Queue.

Once you have cancelled your shipments, the Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) box ID labels and carrier labels generated for the shipment can no longer be used, and these shipments are no longer expected at the fulfilment centre. You are responsible for removing all cancelled labels from boxes and pallets and for not shipping boxes and pallets with cancelled labels.

Changing the ship date

If your expected ship date changes after you have confirmed your shipment, you can update it in step 3 of the workflow, Print box labels, by clicking Change ship date.

Changing shipment contents after shipment creation

We understand that due to normal business events, you might need to change the contents for a shipment after shipment creation. You can do so by clicking View or edit contents in the shipment details box after confirming a shipment.

Important: Before the shipment arrives at the fulfilment centre, you can edit the number of units in a shipment by up to 5% above or below the original amount—up to six units. If you need to make changes above this limit, you must cancel the shipment and create a new one.

Frequently asked questions

Can I change my ship-from address after my shipment has been completed?

The ship-from address can't be changed once the shipment has been finalised. You will need to cancel your shipment and create another one with the correct ship-from address.

Can I cancel individual shipments in my workflow?

No, it isn’t possible to cancel individual shipments in the Send to Amazon workflow.

Amazon may route your shipment to multiple fulfilment centres in limited circumstances, such as in the case of dangerous goods (hazmat), heavy and bulky items or mixed-prep SKUs. Make sure to send your products to the fulfilment centres assigned in step 2 of the workflow, Confirm shipping.

For more information on the FBA shipment policy and the possible actions that we may take if your shipments are not compliant with that policy, visit Deleted, misrouted, and incomplete shipments.

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