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Product Recalls

Important: Product Recall is a series of activities we do to protect our customers by removing products from sale when we become aware of a product issue, for example, when we receive information from a government agency, manufacturer, vendor, or other sources. If you list products for sale on our store, you must comply with all local laws, regulations and our policies applicable to those products and product listings.

Product recalls

Recalls are typically related to product safety and compliance issues. There are two main types of recalls:

  1. Public Recalls:

    When a recall is initiated and announced publicly by government agencies, manufacturers, or vendors, it is considered as a public recall. Public recalls typically pose a public health or injury risk. These announcements usually describe the nature of the product issue, scope of impacted products, and customer remedy.

  2. Private Recalls:

    A private recall happens when a manufacturer or vendor directly notifies retailers and supply chain partners about a product safety, compliance, quality, or other issue, and removes the impacted products from sale.

Product recall policy

We prioritise customer safety first and foremost.

We do not allow sellers to list recalled products.

When you do not follow our Product Recall Policy

The privilege of selling a recalled product (and similar products) at our store may be suspended or your account may be suspended in case you were not cooperative with the recall process or we detected any policy violations. We appreciate your selling on our store with safety and compliance of your listing items confirmed at your own responsibility.

When your listing is suppressed due to a recall

We will send you an email notification with a description of the issue. After receiving the notification, review your inventory and remove any of your listings or product advertisements that might be affected by the notification.

We will send notifications to customers who have purchased the product(s) affected by recalls that can result in potential safety issues. Do not ship any pending orders for these products once you have become aware of the recall. For Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) sellers: all pending FBA customer orders for these products will be cancelled.

Ensure to remove the inventory of recalled products from our fulfilment centres within the days stated in the email notification.

Conducting a private recall

If you would like to conduct a private recall, ensure that you complete the following actions:

  1. Contact Selling Partner Support immediately to advise of the impacted ASINs.
  2. Provide as much information about the recall to Selling Partner Support.
  3. Adhere to the Selling Policies and Seller Code of Conduct.

Your responsibilities as our Selling Partner during the Product Recall

You are responsible for all products listed on our store and for complying with all applicable laws and our policies. Offering recalled products on our store may result in a suspension or permanent removal of selling privileges.

ASIN reinstatement

To successfully reinstate an ASIN impacted by a recall, we may have to first confirm that all impacted inventory from all our fulfilment centres has been removed. After removing all of your inventory or taking other required actions, you can contact Selling Partner Support for reinstatement by providing the following information. You may be required to provide additional information, depending on the case.

  • ASIN(s) number and product title(s) of the product(s) for which you are requesting reinstatement.
  • Evidence of compliance such as test reports.
  • A statement confirming that all future inventory will be compliant with all regulatory standards and not impacted by the recalls.

Note: Please submit the documents in English. Our support is only available in English. We appreciate your understanding.

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