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Name your image files

The naming requirements on this page apply to the tool used to upload images in bulk. See Upload images.

We use the file name of your images to associate them with your product's detail page and to identify them as main or additional images.

To name your image files, create the file name with three components, separated from each other by a full stop. Spaces, dashes, or additional characters will prevent your image from being uploaded to Amazon (for example, NEW-B0001 23456.jpg).

The accepted naming convention is: ASIN + variant code + file extension (for example, B000123456.MAIN.jpg or B000123456.PT02.jpg).

The variant code is a 4-character code that indicates what type of image you are uploading. Images with no variant code in their name will be treated as a main image. For example, B000123456.MAIN.jpg or B000123456.jpg will both be treated as main images.

For additional images, choose a four-character variant code based on the content of the image. For example, B000123456.PT01.jpg would show part 1, and B000123456.BACK.jpg would show the back of the product.

Note: There is a list of specific variant codes that are accepted by Amazon. See the below table for the most common variant codes. If you receive an incorrect file name error, but you followed the correct naming convention, your product may not yet be active in the Amazon catalogue.

Image type Description Variant codes
Main image Used for main images. The main image is shown in search and browse, and is the primary image on your product detail page. MAIN
Swatch shots The SWCH shows up in the thumbnail underneath or to the right of the larger image on a detail page. Usually a colour sample image for use on detail pages that offer multiple versions of the product. If a SWCH does not exist, the MAIN image will be used as the thumbnail image instead. SWCH
Part shots Additional angles, product in use, screenshots, accessories, or product details. PT01, PT02, PT03, and so on until PT99
Interior shots Usually for sample pages of books. IN01, IN02, IN03, and so on until IN99
Angle shots Used to show additional angles or sides of a product. TOPP, BOTT, LEFT, RGHT, FRNT, BACK, SIDE
Pair shots Used to show a pair of shoes or similar product with a pair. PAIR
Fact shots Nutritional facts and ingredients label. FACT
Energy guide Energy guide images. EEGL
Awards Test results, awards, and certificates associated with the product must be uploaded as AW01, AW02, etc. This ensures that the award is displayed in the specially designated Awards section on the page. Please note that compliance with any legal or copyright requirements for these awards is your responsibility. AW01, AW02, up to AW99
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