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Error 4400

This error occurs when a seller is only authorised to sell products using the Amazon Fulfilment Network (AFN) due to policy violations, seasonal restrictions, or customer complaints. If you are trying to sell using Merchant Fulfilment Network (MFN), the offer will be un-buyable. If you have already chosen AFN as your fulfilment channel and your offer is live for sale, you can ignore this error. However, if you have confirmed that the SKU is listed as AFN and find that the offer is not live, contact Selling Partner Support.

If you would like to list through MFN, verify as mentioned below:

  • If a policy notification was issued for that ASIN under Performance Notifications, navigate to Seller Central > Performance > Account Health to see listings that were removed due to policy violations and contact Selling Partner Support with the relevant information.
  • Under Account Health, if it states 'Your seller-fulfilled offers have been deactivated', then click Reactivate and submit a plan of action or appeal the decision to restore seller-fulfilled privileges.

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