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FBA fees reimbursement policy: Weight and dimensions

The requirements and limitations below apply to the reimbursement of Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) fees that we determine were charged using inaccurate weight or dimensions. This policy does not apply to other fee reimbursements.

Amazon will reimburse the FBA fees if we confirm they were charged using inaccurate weight or dimensions. When the weight or dimensions that the seller provides vary from Amazon’s verified measurement, our measurement will govern.

Important: To be eligible for reimbursement under this policy, you must submit your request within 90 days of the date that the fee was charged.

Before submitting your request

  • Get the weight and dimension data used in the FBA fee calculation from the corresponding fee report in Seller Central – for example, the Monthly storage fees report or the Long-Term Storage Fee Charges report.
  • Check whether those figures are different from what you had expected.
  • Prepare documentation to support your claim that Amazon’s weight or dimensions are inaccurate (details below).

Submit your request

If you have reviewed the weight and dimension data in the fee report and you still believe that it is inaccurate, contact Seller Support and open a research request.

To be eligible for a reimbursement, you must provide the following documentation:

  • The weight or dimensions that you have for the product in its original packaging
  • A photo or photos of an item with the same FNSKU, using a scale to display the weight or a ruler or tape measure to show the dimensions
  • The transactions for which you believe the fee was charged using inaccurate weight or dimensions
Important: Only file a claim for reimbursement when you can provide this documentation. A pattern of claims for which research confirms Amazon’s measurements are accurate could cause further claims to be refused.


For each fee charge, you may only file one claim. Additional claims for the same fee charge will be declined.

We may request additional documentation to process your claim. Claims with insufficient documentation may be declined and closed.

Once we have completed our investigation, we will notify you whether you are eligible for reimbursement.

If you disagree with the investigation’s conclusions, you can file an appeal. Amazon's appeals determinations are final.

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