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Content publishing status and content rejection

All A+ content must be submitted for approval. Once A+ content has been submitted for approval, your content may take up to seven working days to be reviewed, or longer during peak times. We are not able to take expedited requests at this time.

Once approved, it can take 24 hours for content to be published to the detail page of the applied ASINs. If the A+ status has not been approved, view the rejection reasons by clicking Edit for a specific piece of A+ content and make the changes. Any edited submissions will need to be resubmitted and go through the moderation process again, and any existing content will remain on the detail page of all applied ASINs until the new submission has been approved.

If your content is not available on the product detail page after 24 hours of your last activity (date and time) and the content status is Approved, check the applied ASINs. If your ASIN shows Error, click Details to see the error message; If the ASIN status shows as Published, a technical error may have occurred. This can often be resolved by resubmitting your A+ project to restart the publishing process.

You can also double-check to make sure that you are viewing the detail page of the language that you published the content in. A+ content will only be shown on the page in the language that it was published in. For example, if content was published in Spanish, it will only be shown on the Spanish language page; it will not be shown on the English page. If this does not help, contact Amazon Selling Partner Support to report the issue.

What to do if A+ content has been rejected

For any A+ content submission that is rejected, you will see the rejection reason when you open the content in the A+ Content Manager. All A+ content must adhere to the A+ guidelines. If your A+ content has been rejected, double-check the A+ content guidelines and A+ content FAQ and troubleshooting help pages. There are multiple places to see why content has been rejected:

  • Content status: The status of the content will be noted on the landing page of the A+ Content Manager for your account
  • A+ Content Manager: Search for the project in the A+ Content Manager by entering the ASIN or project name, open the project and review the rejection reason in the top section.

Best practices to help correct content rejection:

  • Use high-quality, high-resolution images
  • Reduce the amount of white space
  • Ensure that submission is not blank
  • Make sure that text is not blurry and large enough to be read
  • Remove claims, guarantees or warranty info
  • Remove pricing, promotion or contact details

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