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Unit count and unit count type requirement FAQ

Unit count and unit count type requirement FAQ

  1. How does price per unit (PPU) get displayed?

    To display PPU, it is important that the unit_count attribute is correctly filled. Unit count includes a value (unit_count, for example, ‘5’) and a unit type (unit_count_type, for example, ‘Millilitre’, ‘Count’, ‘Gram’). Thereafter, an automated system decides whether PPU should be displayed or not. For example, if the product is a ‘car_seat’ then the system does not display PPU. But if the product is ‘Coffee’, the system does display the PPU. We are constantly reviewing these rules based on customer feedback.

  2. For which products are unit_count and unit_count_type required?

    Effective 1 September, 2021, products sold within the consumables product categories listed below will require all new listings to include the unit_count attribute, which was previously optional.

    Product category
    Health, Household, & Personal Care
    Pantry Food & Drinks
    Pet Supplies
  3. How should the unit_count attribute be filled?

    The unit count type will be restricted to the following units: gram, metre, millilitre, square metre, and count.

    Item is sold by Examples
    Weight Single pack of coffee beans: 500 grams unit_count: 500 unit_count_type:gram
    3 packs of coffee beans: 3 x 500 grams unit_count: 1500 unit_count_type:gram
    Volume Single bottle of Coca Cola: 330 ml unit_count: 330 unit_count_type:millilitre
    Pack of 6 bottles of Coca Cola: 6 x 330 ml unit_count: 1980 unit_count_type:millilitre
    Count Single pack of Pampers having 40 nappies unit_count: 40 unit_count_type:count
    12 packs of Pampers with 1 pack having 40 nappies: 12 x 40 unit_count: 480 unit_count_type:count
    Length 1 roll of tape having length 2 metres unit_count: 2 unit_count_type:metre
    Pack of 10 rolls of tape with 1 roll having 2 metres unit_count: 20 unit_count_type:metre
    Area 1 tile having 1.5 square metre area unit_count: 1.5 unit_count_type:square metre
    Pack of 10 titles each having 1.5 square metre area unit_count: 15 unit_count_type:square metre

  4. What should be done for ‘bundles consisting of different products’ or products like ‘shavers’ where PPU may not be required?

    All products sold within the larger consumables product types need to have unit_count and unit_count_type filled.

    We recommend using these default values only if you are certain that the products do not need PPU.

    Default values
    unit_count: 1
    unit_count_type: count

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