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Optimized Seller-set Transit

What is Optimized Seller-set Transit feature?

The Optimized Seller-set Transit (OST) feature helps display more accurate delivery times to customers for seller fulfilled standard shipping orders with just a single click. This feature uses historical carrier shipping data to dynamically adjust your transit times based on your default warehouse location and the customer location. This allows you to provide more accurate estimated delivery times to customers, while using your carrier of choice.

Note: The OST feature is currently available to sellers on an invitation-only basis.
Important: The OST feature uses your default shipping warehouse location (default shipping address) and customer location to estimate transit times. Ensure your default shipping address is up to date (see below for more details).

How can I enable the OST feature?

To enable the OST feature, follow these steps:

  1. Under Settings on Seller Central, click Shipping settings.
  2. On the Shipping settings page, navigate to Shipping Templates.
  3. To enable the OST feature for an existing shipping template, click Edit Template and scroll down to Optimized Seller-set Transit and turn on the toggle button.
  4. To enable the OST feature for a new template, click Create a new shipping template and scroll down to Optimized Seller-set Transit and turn on the toggle button.
  5. Click Save to apply your changes to the shipping template.
Note: The OST feature is limited to seller-fulfilled standard shipping settings only.

What is the benefit of enabling the OST feature?

Customers love faster deliveries and are more likely to purchase products that have faster estimated delivery times. Products with faster estimated delivery times are also more likely to be the Featured Offers on product detail pages. By enabling the OST feature in your shipping templates, you will have an opportunity to provide more accurate (and as a result, faster) delivery times to customers.

To maintain a great customer experience, we'll monitor your delivery performance to ensure you remain eligible for the OST feature.

How do I edit my default shipping address?

To edit your default shipping address follow these steps:

  1. Click Settings > Shipping Settings > General Shipping Settings.
  2. Click Edit on the top-right corner of the Default shipping address section.
  3. Select the address that you want to set as the new default shipping address, or click Add a new address to add a new ship-from address.
  4. Click Save.

Do I need to re-enable the OST feature on my shipping templates every time I update my default shipping address?

No. Once you have enabled the Optimized Seller-set Transit feature on your shipping templates, Amazon will automatically use your latest default shipping address to estimate delivery times for the customers.

Do I need to opt in to the OST feature when I have Shipping Setting Automation (SSA) enabled for my shipping templates?

No. It is not necessary to opt in to the OST feature on shipping templates where you have SSA enabled. The OST feature will be automatically deactivated if you decide to use SSA.

Can I use the OST feature for domestic shipments?

No. The OST feature is only available for sellers with a default shipping address outside of Australia.

Can I opt out of the OST feature?

Yes, you can opt out of the OST feature at any time by turning off the Optimized Seller-set Transit toggle button on your shipping templates

If I have opted out, can I opt back in?

Yes. You can opt back in anytime by turning on the Optimized Seller-set Transit toggle button on your shipping templates.

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