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Fulfilment by Amazon-FAQ

Fulfilment by Amazon-FAQ

What happens when my shipment is delivered to Amazon?

Once Amazon receives the shipment, we review it and check in your products. Once your products are received and stored on our shelves, they will be available for customers to order. This process may take a few days, especially during peak times. If it has been more than 5 days since the courier has delivered your shipment to Amazon, reach out to Seller Support to get an update on the status of your shipment.

Can I still sell products while my shipment is in transit?

Yes, you can. To sell products that are still in transit, simply convert the products back to Fulfilled by Merchant (seller-fulfilled) and update the quantity with the number of units that you have available. You will be responsible for fulfilling orders placed while products are in Fulfilled by Merchant status. Note that once your products have been delivered to Amazon, we will not automatically convert your listings back to Fulfilled by Amazon. You will need to do this in Seller Central once you receive notice that your shipment has been delivered.

Can I choose which Fulfilment Centre to ship to?

You are not able to choose the fulfilment centre that you ship to unless you are eligible to participate in the FBA Premium Placement Programme. To ensure the fastest shipping speeds for our customers, Amazon determines where your inventory should be shipped to, based on customer demand and other factors.

What is the FBA customer returns policy?

With FBA, Amazon provides fulfilment and customer service for your orders, including processing customer returns. We use Amazon's customer returns policies to determine if a purchased FBA item is eligible for return. To ensure a great customer experience, we may also accept returns beyond the time-frame stated in these policies. Find out more here.

What is the difference between virtual tracking (stickerless comingling) and printing and labelling your products with an FNSKU?

Amazon allows you to use either FBA Virtual Tracking (Manufacturer barcode) or Amazon Barcode (FBA SKU) stickering on products. In each case, your products must have a label with a barcode on them so that they can be scanned in and out of Amazon’s system. By default, your seller account is set to use the Amazon barcode to track your eligible inventory throughout the Amazon fulfilment process. You can change this default barcode preference at any time by clicking on your FBA settings in Seller Central.

Important: Items in your inventory that are identified and tracked using manufacturer barcodes are commingled with items of the same products from other sellers who also use manufacturer barcodes for those items. If you want to create and print Amazon barcode labels, follow the labelling instructions and video tutorials in Seller Central.

Do I need to package and label my products, or will Amazon do it for me?

You can use the FBA Prep Service to have Amazon properly package and prepare your products for fulfilment.

You can also package and prepare your products yourself. Make sure to review our packaging and prep requirements before sending your shipment to an Amazon Fulfilment Centre. Failure to do so might delay or compromise your products becoming purchasable on

What is an FBA Storage Limit?

To better manage fulfilment centre storage space, we apply an inventory storage limit to your seller account. For sellers with a Professional account storage limits are evaluated quarterly to determine whether or not your limit should be adjusted based on your Inventory Performance Index (IPI) score, historical sales volume, and available fulfilment centre capacity.

Individual selling accounts are not subject to storage limit increases and have a set storage limit of 500 standard units and 100 oversize units. You can find more information on FBA Inventory storage limits here.

Can I ship from my manufacturer directly to FBA?

Yes, you can. However, shipping from the manufacturer to FBA requires that you place a high level of trust in the supplier or manufacturer to maintain quality standards and to package according to the Packaging and prep requirements.

What happens if I send in oversize/overweight products?

We have a warehouse size limit of maximum packaged dimensions 164cm x 121cm x 101cm, while our maximum packaged weight is 22kg per unit, except for televisions, which have maximum allowable dimensions of 178 cm x 121 cm x 101 cm and weight of 34 kg. Ensure your products comply with these limits. If you have already sent in products that exceed these dimensions, our Seller Support team will reach out to you to assist in returning these products to you.

What should I do with unfulfillable units?

You can choose to have the units returned to you or disposed of. This can be initiated by creating a removal order in Seller Central. The removal process usually takes 10-14 business days, and 30 days or more during peak periods. You can check the progress of your removal orders at any time in Seller Central.

What is Multi-Channel fulfilment?

Multi-Channel Fulfilment (MCF) is a program within fulfilment by Amazon (FBA). With MCF, Amazon stores your inventory in our fulfilment centres and you can use your own inventory to fulfil orders from any channel where you sell, including your own website. When items sell on Amazon, on your own site or on another ecommerce site, Amazon can pick, pack, and ship them to your customers. Find out more about the program here.

Who is responsible for tax obligations?

You (and not Amazon) are responsible for your own tax obligations when selling to customers in Australia using the FBA service. This means that you will still be responsible for providing invoices to customers, if requested. If your turnover is greater than $75,000 AU per annum you will be required to register and account for GST on sales of taxable products. If you are registered for GST in Australia and you import your products into Australia you may be entitled to claim any GST that you incur.

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