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Tax information in your Amazon Seller Central account

Important: The following information is provided for convenience and general reference purposes only. It is not tax, legal, or other professional advice and must not be used as such. You should consult your professional advisers if you have any questions or need further detail.


When you open or operate a Selling on Amazon account, you must provide information so that Amazon can confirm who you are and where your business is located for tax1 purposes. Amazon uses the details provided by you to calculate tax on your Amazon fees and, if required under applicable law, on your Amazon Store transactions (For more information, see FAQ 2). Amazon may also use these same details to calculate tax on your sales transactions if you have signed up for a Tax Calculation Services program. Note these programs are currently only offered in limited Amazon Stores.

To ensure that Amazon calculates tax correctly, it is very important that you keep your account details accurate and up-to-date. Failure to do so may result in incorrect tax calculations and additional costs to your business. You will need to provide us the following information:
  1. Settings > Account info > Business information > Business address
    • The address that you provide must represent your primary place of business (head office or branch) where you receive services from Amazon. Your business address is normally where you have registered your business and where its management are located. For individual sellers, this represents your usual place of residence.
    • We may perform identity checks to confirm your business belongs and operates from this address. If we are unable to verify your business address, this could lead to your account (and/or your disbursements) being suspended until we can successfully verify your details.
  2. Settings > Account info > Tax information > Tax2 calculation settings
    • If applicable, you should provide your tax registration number issued in the same country as your business address. Failure to provide this tax registration number may result in incorrect tax charges.
    • You may also be required or wish to provide other tax registration numbers belonging to your business in countries outside your business address country. In certain locations, local laws and regulations mean that Amazon must collect your local tax registration number(s) where you store your inventory or where you have exceeded certain sales thresholds. We may also require details of your other tax registration numbers in order for you to participate in certain Amazon programs.
  3. Settings > Account info > Shipping and returns information > Shipping settings > General shipping settings > Default shipping address
    • The address that you provide must represent the primary address from which you self-fulfil orders. This address may be used by Amazon to determine the originating jurisdiction for your sales. This address is also used to determine the ‘deliver-from’ address for sellers participating in Tax Calculation Services.

1- ‘Tax’ in this context includes VAT, GST, and similar transaction taxes.

2- Note that the exact name of ‘tax calculation settings’ will vary by Amazon Store, depending on the applicable tax. For example, depending on your location, this section may read ‘VAT calculation settings’.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if I do not keep my business address up to date?

Failure to update your business address could lead to incorrect tax charged on your Amazon fees and on your Amazon Store transactions where applicable. If Amazon is unable to verify your business address, your account (and/or your disbursements) may be suspended until we can successfully verify your details.

What are marketplace facilitator regulations and how can these affect my business?

Some countries have implemented marketplace facilitator regulations which, under certain conditions, require Amazon to collect and remit tax from your customers on your behalf when you undertake transactions on an Amazon Store (which is a marketplace under the regulations). In such cases, Amazon uses the details provided by you to determine whether we should calculate tax on your Amazon Store sales to customers or whether this remains your obligation.

What happens if I have provided a default ship-from address which is not my actual ship-from address?

When Amazon calculates taxes for your Amazon Store transactions, the total price including tax is displayed to the customer at checkout (based on your tax-inclusive list price). One of the factors that affects this tax calculation is the default ship-from address. If your actual ship-from address is in a different country, this may lead to tax calculation errors. It is therefore important to keep your ship-from address up to date.

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