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Manage Orders FAQ

What should I do if I sell an item, and it is purchased again?

Sellers must keep their inventory up-to-date at all times. That said, you will sometimes run into a situation in which an item is out of stock. If this occurs, refund the buyer immediately. You can include a memo to your buyer when initiating the refund to let the buyer know what happened. Learn more about refunding orders.

What does it mean when an order is Pending?

After a buyer initiates an order, we attempt to authorise their credit card. During this time period, the sale is in Pending status. Most items are only in Pending for a short period of time, usually minutes. Learn more about Pending orders.

Can I wait until the money is in my checking account before I ship the item?

The settlement period for the payment received from an order will begin after you confirm shipment of the order and the buyer is charged. You cannot wait until the money is in your checking account to ship the order.

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