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Safety selling restrictions on baby products and toys

Amazon wants its customers to be able to shop with confidence. In particular, products designed for the care of babies and small children are at increased risk of safety issues. Therefore, sellers who wish to sell various baby products are required to apply and submit documents showing that the products are safe for customers.

In order to list products with selling restrictions, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Catalogue and click Add Products on Seller Central.
  2. Insert the ASIN or other product code into the search bar.
  3. Under the product picture and information, click Listing limitations apply and Request approval.
  4. Upload the required documentation for the products that you intend to list.
    1. Depending on the product you are applying for, and how you acquire the products, we may ask for documents to include:
      1. A purchase invoice from a manufacturer or distributor of the product
      2. Proof that the product is in accordance with Australian standards for safety.
  5. Submit the application. Within a few days, a member of our seller support applications team will either approve the application or get in touch for more information.

For sellers who list their products through an inventory file or API, their products may appear on the Manage Inventory page as inactive. When you click Edit, you will be prompted to apply for approval as above (start at step 4).

If you wish to sell a product that is not currently offered on Amazon, but does require approval, please create the product. When the product is created, it will be put into ‘inactive’ status on the Manage Inventory page. Please click Edit and apply to list the product.

If you have applied to sell previously and have not heard back, or to complete a draft application, please go to Catalogue and click Add products on Seller Central and then click Selling application status.

Document requirements:

Product type Reseller requirements Manufacturer requirements
Baby topicals
  • Invoice
  • Product packaging picture
  • Product packaging picture

Baby nappying

Baby furniture

  • Invoice
  • Product packaging picture
  • Product packaging picture
Baby feeding
  • Invoice
  • Test report
Test report

Car seats

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