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Padded crib bumpers (PCBs) and similar accessories , including vertical crib slat covers and top rail covers

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What are Padded crib bumpers (PCBs)?

A padded crib bumpers (PCBs) or a crib liner, is designed to surround the interior sides of baby’s crib to prevent the babies from slipping their limbs or heads between the crib slats.

Bumpers are also intended to create a soft cushion surrounding baby, preventing babies from bumping against the hard sides of a crib.

Vinyl bumper guards: Vinyl bumper guards are a type of PCB that use a vinyl cover rather than fabric for easy cleaning.

Vertical crib slat covers: Vertical crib slat covers are an alternative to traditional PCBs. These products are often made of fabric and individually wrapped around each crib slat to provide a cushion cover.

Top rail covers: Top rail covers are an additional aftermarket crib accessory, placed on the top rail of the crib to prevent mouthing and teething.

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the best possible customer experience, Amazon AU is prohibiting the sale of PCBs due to safety concern. Please contact if there is any concern about ASINs suppressed under this policy.

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