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Inventory performance

The inventory performance dashboard helps you identify opportunities to grow your sales, reduce costs, and track key performance metrics.

Inventory Performance Index

The Inventory Performance Index, or IPI, is a metric to gauge your inventory performance over time. It is only available for sellers with a Professional selling plan.

Your IPI score measures how efficient and productive you are in managing your FBA inventory. Multiple factors can influence your IPI score, but the most important factors are your actions. Remember to do the following:

  1. Maintain a balanced level of inventory with high sell-through rate and reduce inventory with high weeks of cover to avoid overstock. Avoid FBA long term storage fees.
  2. Fix listing problems.
  3. Keep your most popular products in stock at the right levels, when possible, to meet customer demand and maximise customer satisfaction.

You will only be able to view your IPI score and inventory performance dashboard if you have a Professional selling plan inventory at a fulfilment centre with recent account activity. If you are new to FBA or have not been active in the past 13 weeks, you may not have an IPI score until more data becomes available.

For more information and to learn how to improve your IPI score, go to IPI frequently asked questions.

Categories that influence your IPI

There are two categories of recommendations to help you improve your IPI:

  • Ensuring inventory is buyable by fixing listings that are stranded
  • Improving your 90-day rolling sell-through rate by maintaining the right balance of inventory over the same time period

The IPI dashboard displays a performance bar for both stranded inventory and sell-through rate.

  • Excellent (dark green)

  • Good (light green)

  • Fair (yellow)

  • Poor (red)

The Inventory performance page also provides additional metrics within each factor, which you can see by selecting Show more details. After selecting Show more details for each category, you’ll see inventory management tools that provide recommendations to improve your performance.

Stranded inventory percentage

When inventory is not available for purchase due to a listing problem, it results in lost sales and storage costs. This inventory is referred to as Stranded Inventory. Your Stranded Inventory percentage is measured by the percentage of your FBA inventory units that are currently not available for purchase on Amazon.

In addition to the performance bar, two related metrics are shown with the Stranded Inventory percentage on the inventory performance dashboard:

  • Stranded units is your total count of units in a fulfilment centre without an active listing.
  • The Fix listings button shows how many SKUs have units in a fulfilment centre but do not have an active listing. For more information, go to Stranded Inventory overview .

FBA sell-through rate

Maintain the right balance of inventory with your rolling 90-day FBA sell-through rate. This rate represents your sold and shipped units over the past 90 days divided by the average number of units in stock in our fulfilment centres during that period.

In addition to the performance bar, two related metrics also appear with your FBA sell-through rate on the inventory performance dashboard:

  • Units sold (past 90 days) are the total FBA units sold and shipped in the past 90 days.
  • The Improve sell-through button shows the number of ASINs that have an opportunity to improve sell-through. Click the button to go to Inventory age for recommendations.

Inventory performance

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