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Amazon Easy Ship fees policy: Weight and dimensions

This policy applies to Amazon Easy Ship (AES) fees that were charged using inaccurate weight or dimensions. This policy does not apply to other fee adjustments or reimbursements.

Fee adjustments

If the weight or dimension of an AES consignment, as determined by Amazon or the applicable shipping partner, differs from that submitted by you on Seller Central for purposes of determining the AES fee, then we may charge you more than the quoted AES fee if the consignment weighs more or is larger than as submitted by you. If you have repeatedly provided incorrect information relating to the weight or dimension of consignments and failed to take the corrective actions reasonably advised to you, we may suspend or terminate your use of AES in accordance with the AES Service Terms.

As a seller using the AES service, you are responsible for providing accurate and complete weight and dimension information when scheduling pick ups for your AES orders. Inaccurate information can impact delivery times and lead to additional logistical expenses.

Fee reimbursements

If you identify that the weight or dimension information used to calculate AES fees is incorrect, then you may contact Seller Support and open a request for investigation and reimbursement as outlined in the steps below.

Important: To be eligible for reimbursement under this policy, you must submit your request within 90 days of the date that the AES fee was charged.

Before submitting your reimbursement request

  • Identify the weight and dimension information that you submitted on Seller Central for the relevant consignment and identify the corresponding AES fee that was charged.
  • Identify the actual weight and dimensions of the relevant consignment.
  • Prepare documentation to support your claim that the weight or dimension information used to calculate the AES fee was inaccurate.

Requesting an AES fee reimbursement

  1. Contact Selling Partner Support.
  2. Open a case and provide the Contact Reason as "Reimbursement".
  3. Fill in your inputs in the Please describe the issue field. Make sure to include the relevant order ID.
  4. Upload any supporting documents as part of your request, and click the Send button.

Amazon will then investigate whether inaccurate weight or dimension information was used to calculate applicable AES fees, and adjust and reimburse the applicable AES fee(s) if we confirm the amount charged was calculated using inaccurate weight or dimensions. Amazon Seller Support will contact you if we need any additional information and to keep you updated on the status of your request.


Only file a claim for reimbursement when you can provide supporting documentation. A pattern of claims for which our investigation confirms Amazon’s measurements are accurate could cause further claims to be refused.

For each AES fee charge, you may only file one claim. Additional claims for the same fee charge will be declined.

We may request additional documentation to process your claim. Claims with insufficient documentation may be declined and closed.

Once we have completed our investigation, we will notify you whether you are eligible for reimbursement. If you disagree with the investigation’s conclusions, you can file an appeal by responding to the relevant notification.

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