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Mandatory input of carrier and tracking ID

Effective April 15, 2021, all seller fulfilled orders will require a valid tracking ID and carrier name while confirming shipment on Seller Central. You will not be able to ship confirm your order without providing tracking information.

This will be applicable across all three ship confirmation methods:

  • Single and Bulk order processing on ‘Manage orders’ page
  • Bulk confirmation using ‘Shipping confirmation file upload’ and
  • API feeds.

However, you will not be required to provide tracking details in the following circumstances:

  • Orders that cost less than 30 AUD (including shipping) and are shipped using ‘Australia Post Regular Letter Service’ and
  • Orders that cost less than 50 AUD (including shipping) and are shipped from outside of Australia using non-integrated carriers.

Amazon will automatically cancel orders if seven business days have passed since the expected shipping availability date and you have not yet shipped and confirmed the shipment (find more details here). Delays in ship confirming orders may lead to increase in your Late shipment rate (LSR) which could lead to account suspension (find more details here).

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I ensure I input carrier name and tracking ID?

In order to share the carrier name and delivery service with us, follow the below steps:

  • a. When using Seller Central, select the 'carrier name' from the drop down list and fill in the required inputs. If you do not see your carrier listed in the drop-down menu, select 'other' and input your carrier in the text field. We will continue to add more carriers over time.
  • b. When using bulk feeds or API, provide the carrier code during shipment confirmation for each order. If you are using an unlisted carrier, set carrier code as ‘other’ and then provide the carrier name in the carrier name field.
  • c. When using integrators, please configure your integrators to provide us with the carrier and delivery service details. If you have not already configured your integrator to provide these fields, we recommend you contact your integrator and understand how to share the carrier name and delivery service while ship confirming.

2) What happens if I provide an incorrect tracking ID during shipment confirmation?

During the shipment confirmation process, you will receive a warning message 'Please enter a valid tracking ID to confirm shipment.' Once you have ensured a valid tracking ID is entered, you will be able to confirm your shipment.

3) How do I edit a tracking number?

You can edit order tracking information up until the order is delivered. To edit the details:

  1. In Seller Central, select 'orders', then click Manage Orders.
  2. Click Advanced Search, enter the 'order id', then click Search.
  3. Once you find the correct order, click Edit shipment and provide the revised tracking number.

Allow 72 hours for the report and metrics to reflect the changes.

4) Do I need to provide shipping service (or ship method) details during shipment confirmation process?

Shipping service (or ship method) details are not required to confirm a shipment, but we highly recommend you provide these details. This helps Amazon provide accurate shipment tracking information to customers.

5) Why is tracking information important?

With the carrier name and the tracking ID you provide, we can pass any scan events made available by the carrier on to the customer, enabling the customer to easily track the shipment.

6) What do I enter if my carrier is not listed in Seller Central?

When you ship an order and do not see your carrier listed in the drop-down menu, please select ‘other’ and identify your carrier in the text fields. We will continue to add more carriers over time.

7) I do not use a carrier for my Digital products. What do I input as the carrier and delivery service?

While ship confirming your digital products (for example e-books, software), please use the option ‘Digital Delivery’ from the drop-down list on the 'Manage orders' page.

8) Which carriers provide tracking information to Amazon?

We currently support tracking information as verified by the following integrated carriers: Australia Post-Consignment, Australia Post-ArticleID, Fastway, China Post, 4PX, Aramex, Asendia, Couriers Please, DHL, Fedex, Sendle, SF express, SFC, Singapore Post, Startrack-Consignment, Startrack-ArticleID, UPS, USPS, Yanwen, Yun Express. Please note that this list is subject to change. For the latest list of carriers, please check the dropdown box on the 'Confirm shipment page'.

Note: Sellers are encouraged to use the above-mentioned carriers for shipping parcels as these carriers provide real-time parcel status to Amazon. This helps reduce buyer contacts and improve seller feedback ratings in addition to the other benefits mentioned below.

9) I want to check that the tracking information that I entered matches my carrier’s format for tracking IDs. What are the tracking ID formats used by Amazon-supported carriers?

Integrated carrier Tracking ID format
Australia Post-Consignment

Length: 10 to 16 characters

Example: 33UB60006501

Australia Post-ArticleID

Length: 20 to 23 characters

Example: 0307063233748006000990


Length: 10 to 18 characters

Example: NZ0005967345

China Post

Length: 9 to 13 characters

Example: LX035232019CN


Length: 8 to 30 characters

Example: 125374659807


Length: 10 to 18 characters

Example: NZ0005967345


Length: 8 to 30 characters

Example: 0318619091

Couriers Please

Length: 10 to 14 characters

Example: CPC109Z0063212


Length: 10 to 30 characters

Example: GM605116611000050048


Length: 9-22 characters

Example: 108974567382


Length: 7-12 characters

Example: S2ZR1MJ

SF express

Length: 12 to 15 characters

Example: 12456784568


Length: 8 to 20 characters

Example: SFC3WW2062919399928

Singapore Post

Length: 13 characters

Example: LB045933963SG


Length: 8 to 12 characters

Example: IMSQ19804514


Length: 20 characters

Example: 18VQ20110167EXP99001


Length: 18-21 characters

Example: 1ZYC677458700Y1234


Length: 10 to 20 characters

Example: CJ456199946US


Length:11 to 13 digits

Example: AA368436743DE

Yun Express

Length: 12-18 characters

Example: YT3674563847658935

10) What are the benefits of providing tracking information?

Providing valid tracking numbers with all your shipments has a number of benefits:

  • Receive your payments promptly: Funds may be unavailable for payment because they are in reserve to ensure that you have enough money to fulfil any returns, chargeback, or A-to-z Guarantee claims. By providing a valid tracking rate, the waiting period for payment is likely to be reduced.
  • Fewer buyer contacts: Providing tracking numbers can help reduce the amount of time that you spend answering shipping-related questions.
  • Decreased order defects: Order defect rate for untracked shipments is 1.7 times greater than the rate for tracked shipments.
  • Improved seller feedback ratings: Buyers tell us that being able to track their packages is one of the main reasons to leave positive feedback.
  • Reduced lost shipment costs: Tracking can significantly reduce the costs associated with a lost shipment. If a package is lost in transit, you can use tracking to find out where it was lost and then determine responsibility.
  • Improved conversion: When you use tracking on 95% of your shipments and your on-time delivery rate is above 96%, you become eligible to reduce handling and transit promise times. This is proven to help increase conversion and revenue.

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