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Automate Pricing

Automate Pricing allows you to automatically adjust prices on SKUs in your catalogue in response to events such as the Featured Offer (Buy Box) price, without having to revisit the SKU every time you want to change your price.

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You create a pricing rule, set the rule parameters, and then select the SKUs to which the rule applies. This is because automated pricing is only applied to the SKUs that you designate, not to your entire catalogue. You can start and stop automated pricing rules at any time, as well as change your rules or the SKUs to which your rules apply. You control the prices by defining rule parameters, setting minimum price and maximum price (optional) boundaries, and selecting the SKUs on which to Automate Pricing. To give you the best chance of being eligible for the Featured Offer (Buy Box) within your minimum and maximum price limits, Automate Pricing will also compare your offer price with Amazon’s high price limits, to protect you against setting prices significantly higher than recent prices offered on or off Amazon. If you do not set a maximum price, Automate Pricing will protect customer trust on your behalf by ensuring that your offers are not priced significantly higher than recent prices so that your offers remain eligible to become the Featured Offer.

Note: Reference prices include the Featured Offer (Buy Box) price, 60-day average selling price, highest 14-day price (shipped and sold by Amazon), and/or the product’s list price. See Pricing Health for more details on how the reference prices are calculated.

You can manage your SKUs either with the Automate Pricing tool, or using the Automate Pricing file.

If you set your listings to Inactive, any pricing rules that apply to those listings are paused until your listings are set to Active again. Learn more about setting your listings to Active or Inactive.

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