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Ship customer orders

When you set up your account, you'll find information about shipping expectations that you must integrate into your order and fulfilment processes. You are also required to confirm to Amazon when you have shipped your orders, so we can keep buyers informed about the progress of their orders and charge their credit cards for purchases.

  • You must ship media products (books, music, DVD and video) within two business days. Non-media products must be shipped by the shipping availability date you specify in the product feed for such products.
  • You must confirm to Amazon that you have completed shipment in order to receive payment for an order. This confirmation will also trigger Amazon's shipment confirmation email to the buyer and will set the expectation for the estimated delivery date.
  • Review default shipping settings and customise to fit your fulfilment model.
  • Check your account at least daily for orders.
    Note: You must process return requests and respond to messages from customers within 24 hours, even if your listings are set to Inactive. Learn more
  • Schedule order reports to ensure an authoritative report of all orders and order information. Learn more
  • Do not include any marketing or promotional materials with packing materials.
  • Do not rely on email notifications of account activity. Emails can get lost or deleted.
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