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Set your ship-from addresses

In your General Shipping Settings, you can add, remove, and manage your ship-from addresses. These addresses are available on your shipping templates to determine the ship-from address of the SKUs associated with each template.

To learn how to set up the ship-from address for your shipping templates, visit the Help page Create, edit, or delete shipping templates. The address you select on your shipping templates will be used by Amazon to determine whether GST is payable on the SKUs associated with that shipping template that have a customs value of AUD $1,000 or less that you ship from overseas to customers in Australia.

Important: Ensure the accuracy of the ship-from addresses included in your shipping templates and the listings associated with each shipping template. Check that the information migrated to your shipping templates is accurate at all times to address any inaccuracies. If your ship-from address is inaccurate in your shipping templates, this can result in incorrect calculation of the payable GST and result in breaches of GST law. Amazon can take action on your account if you misrepresent your ship-from address, including termination of your account.

Add a ship-from address

  1. Go to General Shipping Settings.
  2. Click Edit more addresses.
  3. Click +Add a new address.
  4. Enter the Address name (for example: ‘Seattle warehouse’)
  5. Select the Country.
  6. Enter the physical ship-from address under Address.
  7. Enter the Postal code associated with this shipping address, then click Check postal code to verify.
  8. Enter the City/town, State/county/region, Primary phone, andEmail address.
  9. Click Save.

The option to select this address will be available on your shipping templates.

Edit ship-from addresses

  1. Go to General Shipping Settings.
  2. Click Edit more addresses.
  3. Click Edit next to an existing address entry.
  4. Edit the information of your address.
  5. Click Save.
Note: Once you create a ship-from address, you will not be able to change the country of that address. If you need to select a new country, create a new ship-from address.

Delete a ship-from address

  1. Go to General Shipping Settings.
  2. Click Edit more addresses.
  3. Click Delete next to the address you want to delete.
    Note: You cannot delete a ship-from address when it is associated with a shipping template. You need to remove it as the ship-from address from any shipping templates before deleting it.
  4. Click Yes, delete to delete, or No, keep to cancel.

Select your default ship-from address

  1. Go to General Shipping Settings
  2. Click the Edit more addresses section.
  3. Select the address you want to set up as your default ship-from address.
  4. Click Save.

The default ship-from address is automatically selected as your ship-from address when you create a new shipping template. You can edit this when creating a new shipping template.

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