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Review Amazon Easy Ship Bulk Scheduling Report

Processing reports are downloadable files that let you review the status of your orders scheduled in bulk. Go to Bulk Pickup Scheduling section under Upload Order Related Files page, and click the View processing report link in the Action column to view your processing reports.

The processing report is a tab-delimited text file that you can open with a program such as Microsoft Excel or Notepad.

Each line in the spreadsheet that contains data is referred to as a "record". At the top of the processing report, there is a summary of records, total number of records processed, and number of records processed successfully. The difference is the number of records that are not processed successfully or processed with errors.

In the example below, 500 records were processed. 485 records were processed successfully and 15 were processed with errors:

Feed Processing Summary:

Number of records processed: 500

Number of records successful: 485

For the errors, the processing report provides the following information. Use this report to make necessary changes while scheduling pickups for the orders with errors.

Element Description

The record number in which the error occurred.

The first rows of your feed are not considered records. Therefore, an error in Record 1 corresponds to Line 2 in your schedule pickup file.


One of two values:

  • Warnings: Data was successfully processed but might not appear as intended.
  • Errors: Data is inadequate or flawed in a way that prevents the record from processing successfully.


A brief explanation of the error, which may include corrective measures.

Print labels

You can print shipping labels for all packages scheduled by you using the schedule pickup file by clicking Download shipping labels below the View processing report link in the Action column. All labels can be downloaded in a single PDF file.

Note that four labels can be printed on a single page by:

Opening the pdf in latest Adobe Reader and changing printer settings to: Print multiple page per sheet: 2 by 2.

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