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Bulk and Commodity Food Listing Policies

Listing definitions

Agricultural Commodity products: Food that is in the natural form in which it is grown.

This includes fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and similar agricultural products. It does not include processed foods (such as those that are cooked, frozen, dehydrated or milled). However, field and other agricultural practices such as washing, stripping outer leaves, waxing and so on, are not considered as processing. Commodity foods are those that cannot be easily differentiated by customers when not clearly branded

Food that is custom-packaged by a supplier into quantities other than those offered by the original food manufacturer/processor that are then offered in unbranded packaging.

Both exposed foodstuffs, such as nuts, and wrapped foodstuffs, such as some sweets, might be considered as bulk if repackaged from the original manufacturer quantities. Multipacks and supplier-created variety packs are not considered to fall under the bulk designation.

If your product offering falls into any of these categories, you must meet the following listing requirements in addition to the standard Grocery requirements.

Listing guidelines

Agricultural Commodity and Bulk product listings that fail to meet these requirements will be removed from the site. Note that Amazon might remove your selling privileges for failing to meet these requirements.

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