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Premium Shipping options FAQ

Can I set the handling time for Premium Shipping options?

No. The handling time for Premium Shipping options is zero days, regardless of the system default of one to two days or any seller-set handling time that you enter into the system.

If a customer has ordered a product with a Premium Shipping option before the cut-off time, but it changes from pending to unshipped after the cut-off time, am I still responsible for shipping the product on the same day?

You should still strive to meet the customer delivery expectations. However, orders that are still pending after the cut-off time will receive a new estimated delivery date that will be communicated to the customer.

I am currently not eligible to offer Premium Shipping options because my business model does not meet the eligibility requirements. Can I have an exemption?

We do not grant exemptions for sellers who cannot meet the eligibility requirements.

My carrier does not provide tracking information or is not one of the carriers that Amazon accepts. Can I still offer Premium Shipping options?

No. We only support selected carriers with whom we can validate tracking.

I used to be eligible to offer Premium Shipping options, but the eligibility tool currently says that I am not eligible. How can I get my eligibility back?

If your performance metrics are currently below the minimum thresholds, One-Day Delivery and Two-Day Delivery will not be displayed as an option for your offers. Once you have improved your performance metrics, the option will return.

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