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Fulfilling international orders on your own

When customers outside your country purchase your products on Amazon, one way to fulfil these orders is to ship them yourself. There are several things to consider when shipping direct to your customers internationally.

Sending your products direct to your customers internationally

If your inventory is located in a different country than the marketplace where your customers placed their order, you need to ship the product to your customer internationally. Here is an overview of the process:

  1. The seller chooses a carrier that can ship internationally.
  2. The seller ships the product and is the exporter of record.
    Important: Do not expose customers to customs delays and additional duties and taxes on their products. It is your responsibility to discuss with your carrier how duties and taxes will be paid and to choose shipping methods that ensure that customers are not exposed to such payments or delays upon delivery of the goods.
    Note: Please note that having buyers pay duties is in violation of the Amazon Marketplace policies and can lead to the suspension of your seller account.

It is also important to manage customer expectations. You should provide customers with accurate information about the country from which you are shipping your product. Specifically, you need to accurately state the ‘shipping from’ country in your seller profile and manage customer expectations by stating the actual shipping times from your country. You will be responsible for meeting the shipping expectations for all orders you receive.

International shipping costs

International shipping charges vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Package dimensions and weight
  • Delivery time
  • Source (where you are shipping from) and destination (where you are shipping to). Costs can be considerably higher for international destinations.

In addition to the above charges, you should be aware of customs duties and taxes that will need to be paid. Do not expose customers to customs delays and additional duties and taxes on their products. It is your responsibility to take care of such matters when you deliver the product.

Other resources

There are many online external resources that can help sellers determine rates and that will make delivery easier. Here are a few links. Consider visiting these websites directly to calculate the approximate delivery charges that you can expect when fulfilling orders for the Amazon stores that you would like to list in:

Shipping to Company
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To learn more about items that are prohibited or restricted from import into New Zealand, you can visit the following websites:

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