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Stranded inventory overview

Stranded inventory is FBA inventory in fulfilment centres that does not have an associated active offer and thus is not available for sale on Amazon. When inventory is stranded, it requires either reactivating the listing or removing inventory.

When you delete or close a listing, or change it from Fulfilled by Amazon to Fulfilled by Merchant, it might strand your inventory. Product listing issues, infringement concerns, or system errors can also result in stranded inventory.

For a complete list of reasons for stranded inventory, refer to the “How to resolve stranded inventory” table in Resolve stranded inventory issues. For a breakdown of units in stranded status, see Stranded inventory report.

Note: If you have units of an ASIN stranded in the fulfilment centre, do not send additional inventory of that ASIN to Amazon. If you add an ASIN with stranded inventory to your shipment, you will receive an alert and your shipment will not be processed.

Amazon will notify you about stranded inventory in two ways:

Note: If you address the cause for the stranded inventory yourself, please allow 24 hours for the updates to reflect in your stranded inventory.

Frequently asked questions

How does inventory become stranded?

An inventory can become stranded because of a variety of reasons. If an active offer is closed or set to Fulfilled by Merchant, the corresponding inventory will become stranded. Blocked listings or attempting to sell in restricted categories or brands without approval can also result in stranded inventory. Another common issue is that offers may be missing important information (such as the price or the item condition), which prevents those offers from becoming active.

I have products that I only sell through Multi-Channel Fulfilment (MCF), so these products do not have an active offer. Is this allowed?

If you have a professional selling account, you can fulfil orders using Multi-Channel Fulfilment (MCF) without having an active offer. Ensure that your product meets the MCF guidelines by setting your selling start date to the far future and maintaining sales.

For more information, refer to the Multi-Channel Fulfilment help page.

What if the units are damaged while in Amazon fulfilment centres?

When your inventory is lost or damaged under Amazon's control (damaged by an Amazon partnered carrier, in the fulfilment centre or during delivery to a customer), we will either:

  • Replace the item(s) with one having the same FNSKU or
  • Pay you the evaluated replacement value of your lost inventory, less any applicable FBA and selling on Amazon fees

For more information, refer to the help page FBA lost and damaged inventory reimbursement policy.

I need to send more inventory, even if I already have units of stranded inventory for those products at fulfilment centres. Can I be granted an exemption from this policy?

We currently do not grant exemptions to this policy.

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