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Amazon Easy Ship lost and damaged inventory reimbursement policy

When using Amazon Easy Ship (AES), you may be eligible for a reimbursement if your inventory is lost or damaged by Amazon or a shipping partner during delivery to a customer in accordance with this policy.


For items lost by Amazon or our shipping partners during delivery to customers, we will reimburse you the estimated proceeds of the sale of the relevant item.

For items damaged by Amazon or our shipping partners during delivery to customers, the reimbursement value will be determined by Amazon, having regard to various factors including the extent of the damage and whether the item is in a sellable condition.

The reimbursement amount for any single item will not exceed AUD$2,000. For items valued at more than AUD$2,000, we recommend that you consider purchasing third-party insurance.

Note: We may dispose of any item that we reimburse you for under this policy, including by selling it, in accordance with the AES Service Terms. As a result, such items (including lost items that are found after reimbursement) may be listed for sale on Amazon Warehouse Deals (if applicable) or other channels.

What is covered by this policy?

  • Items lost or damaged by Amazon or the shipping partners that we use to deliver products to customers as part of the Amazon Easy Ship service.

What is not covered by this policy?

  • Items listed on the AES Product Restrictions page
  • Items lost or damaged by customers or sellers
  • Expired items
  • Items that were defective prior to pick up
  • Items that were damaged during shipment due to inadequate packaging
Important: Always follow our Packaging requirements and guidelines when you pack your AES consignments to avoid damage in transit.

How to request a reimbursement

  1. Contact Amazon Seller Support.
  2. Open a case and provide the Contact Reason as "Reimbursement".
  3. Fill in your inputs in the Please describe the issue field. Make sure to include the relevant order ID as well as the consignment tracking number.
  4. Upload any supporting documents as part of your request, and click the Send button.
  5. Amazon Seller Support will contact you if we need any additional information and to keep you updated on the status of your request.

We recommend that you provide the information below to ensure a prompt review of your reimbursement request.

Documentation Checklist Lost Damaged
Order ID Yes Yes
ASIN Yes Yes
Quantity Yes Yes
Tracking number Yes Yes
Photographs of the damage -- Yes
Description of the damage -- Yes


Important: All claims for lost or damaged inventory must be submitted within 90 days of the last scan event from Amazon or the applicable shipping partner.

Please do not submit a claim for lost or damaged inventory within 15 days from the date the consignment was collected from your pick up location to allow sufficient time for the consignment to be delivered.

Our Seller Code of Conduct and Prohibited seller activities and actions policies prohibit any activity that would interfere with our capacity to help other sellers, such as submitting insufficiently researched or premature requests.

Reimbursement reversal

If we previously reimbursed you for lost inventory that is subsequently found, or if we determine that any reimbursement was given in error, we may reverse the credit that was applied to your account.

How to view any reimbursements issued

You can view the reimbursements processed by searching with order ID in the Payments section under the Reports tab. You can also check your emails for reimbursement notifications from Amazon Easy Ship.

How to respond to a request for more information

Whenever you submit a reimbursement request, you will be able to follow your case in Seller Central. If you have been asked by a Seller Support associate to provide any additional supporting documents for your request, please provide such information within three (3) business days.

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