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Amazon Easy Ship

Amazon Easy Ship is a shipping service for sellers on with an eligible pick-up address in Australia to help them fulfil their domestic orders for products that are not registered in Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA). The service includes pick-up and trackable delivery from the seller’s eligible Australian pick-up location to the customer’s eligible Australian delivery location for a fee.

Using the Amazon Easy Ship service, sellers will ensure that their customers get a fast and consistent delivery experience along with up-to-date shipment tracking information, optimising for rate and speed by offering shipping services through applicable carriers.

Once you register for the service, Amazon Easy Ship will be your shipping service for all of your eligible seller-fulfilled products to delivery locations where Amazon Easy Ship is available. Amazon Easy Ship is not available for all delivery locations in Australia. For more information, go to Amazon Easy Ship pickup and delivery coverage locations.

Amazon Easy Ship is only available for eligible products. Certain product types, such as heavy/bulky or dangerous (‘hazmat’) items cannot be shipped through Amazon Easy Ship. For more information, go to Product restrictions. Sellers that want to offer ineligible products or ship to locations that are not covered by Amazon Easy Ship are able to self-ship those orders.

You may choose to stop using Amazon Easy Ship at any time. Your use of Amazon Easy Ship does not affect your ability to register your products in the Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) Service.

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