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How Amazon receives and stores your inventory

When you deliver your inventory to Amazon for fulfilment, you can be assured that it will be stored in a secure environment.

When you send your shipments to our fulfilment centres, it is important to follow our preparation, packaging, and labelling requirements so that your shipments are received quickly and accurately.

How Amazon stores your inventory

We store your inventory either in bulk or in individual pickable locations. Media products are stored on library-type shelving in vertical, spine out positions with loose stacking to avoid shelf wear. Speciality items like food or high-value goods may be placed in specific secure or climate-controlled areas of the fulfilment centre, as appropriate.

If the inventory is damaged or misplaced while in Amazon's control (in the fulfilment centre; during delivery to or from a customer; or inbound to Amazon if using an Amazon partnered carrier (if applicable), we will purchase the inventory from you.

Your inventory is generally scanned and made available for sale within three business days of being received at a fulfilment centre. You can track the status of your shipment in the Shipping Queue with the status cycling through In Transit, Delivered, Checked-In, Receiving, and Closed. During the Receiving process, your item barcodes are individually scanned and entered into the tracking system, the dimensions (to the nearest 25 cm) and weight (to the nearest 20.57 kg) are captured for storage and fulfilment purposes.

Before you deliver your products to Amazon, be sure to review FBA inventory requirements and FBA product restrictions.

Inventory-related fees

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