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Gift Card Policy

Note: These product categories have not launched on and are not currently available to be sold. The information listed below is only to be used as a guide and may be updated in the future.

The terms in this Gift Card Policy supplement your seller agreement and apply to the listing and sale of Gift Cards on Amazon.

" Gift Card" means a physical stored value or prepaid card that has a monetary denomination and that, when activated, can be used only to purchase $2000 or less in any day of products and services that you sell. A Gift Card does not include any physical stored value or prepaid card that is redeemable for cash (except as required by law), or any electronic gift card.

Required Product Information for Gift Cards. You will need to provide us any product information that we require and, in the format and manner we require, all terms and conditions that apply to each Gift Card that are required by applicable law to be displayed in connection with the offer or sale of the Gift Card.

Your Responsibilities. You represent that each Gift Card is redeemable upon presentation to you, and that we do not need to obtain a license or register with or report information to any state or federal government authority for you to offer for sale or sell your Gift Cards on Amazon. You are responsible for, among other things, specifying the terms and conditions of each Gift Card in accordance with all applicable law (so that customers can view all necessary terms and conditions prior to ordering the Gift Card), for ensuring that the information presented to customers is at all times accurate and complete, and for any unclaimed property liability arising from each Gift Card that is not redeemed or has been partially redeemed. You are the seller of record of each Gift Card and are responsible for fulfilling orders for each Gift Card and for ensuring each Gift Card is able to be redeemed upon receipt. You may not charge any fees for any Gift Cards sold in the Gift Card category.

Fees. The fees that apply to selling in the Gift Card category are listed in the Fee Table.

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