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Prepare products to be shipped with Amazon

Note: NOTE: All dangerous goods (as defined in the Australian Dangerous Goods Code), other than those assigned as class 9, section II (which includes certain lithium batteries), are not in scope for Fulfilment by Amazon services in Australia. This means that you should not upload and deliver to us any products that are dangerous goods, other than lithium batteries, or products containing lithium batteries, that fall within the class 9, section II classification. We will dispose of any such dangerous goods delivered to an Amazon fulfilment centre in Australia in accordance with the Fulfilment by Amazon service terms.

Some products require specific preparation in order to ensure that items are delivered in the best condition. Prep guidance is provided as part of the Prepare products step when you create a shipment. You can also request that Amazon do the prep for you for a per-item fee.

Prepare products is the second step in the six-step shipment creation process.

  1. Set quantity
  2. Prepare products
  3. Label products
  4. Review shipments
  5. Prepare shipments
  6. Summary
Important: You must comply with all the relevant laws regarding the storage, handling, and packaging of products in Australia at all times. It is your responsibility to determine the type of preparation required to deliver your products safely to Amazon, even if prep guidance is not available in your seller account. Review our packaging and prep requirements to determine if your products require product prep and follow any general product preparation requirements.

FBA prep service

If you want to have Amazon prepare your products for you, under Who preps, select Amazon. For more information about per-item prep fees, see FBA prep service fees.

Important: FBA can only prep products with a UPC or EAN.

Even if you sign up for the FBA prep service, your products still need to be packaged in such a way that they arrive safely at the fulfilment centre. Fragile, glass, and sharp products must be packaged so that they arrive intact and can be safely handled by associates at the fulfilment centre.

Important: If you do not select Amazon in the Who preps column, you are responsible for ensuring that all prep meets FBA prep requirements.

Prep required

The Prep required tab on the Prepare Products page displays the prep guidance for items that have known preparation requirements.

If you feel that the specific prep requirement for the product that you have listed is not appropriate or essential, click Investigate to start a review of the prep requirement for that item.

Important: Failure to prepare items according to the requirements will result in charges for unplanned prep services at the fulfilment centre. For more information, see Unplanned service fees.

Prep requirements may include:

Poly bagging

Products that require poly bagging should be completely sealed in a sturdy, clear, transparent polyethylene bag that:

  • Is at least 1.5 mil (40 micron)
  • Allows barcodes to show through or, in cases where barcodes do not show through, have a barcode label affixed to the outside of the bag
  • Has a suffocation warning printed on or affixed to the bag (for bags with an opening that is more than 12.7 cm wide when flat)

Poly bagging may be required to:

  • Prevent leaks or spills from damaging other items in the shipment (usually for items that are liquids and powders)
  • Protect items from dust or dirt
  • Prevent loose items from being separated (such as a multi-pack of individual items that are being sold as a set)

Bubble wrap

Products that require bubble wrap must:

  • Be tightly wrapped and taped shut so that the product(s) inside the bubble wrap cannot fall out
  • Have a barcode label on the outside
  • Be able to pass a 3 foot (91.4 cm) drop test on a hard surface without the contents breaking

Bubble wrap may be required because the item is:

  • Fragile and may be easily damaged during transit
  • Heavy or dense and may damage other items during transit

Opaque bagging

Products that require opaque bagging should be completely sealed in a sturdy, opaque bag or shrink wrap that completely obscures the content from view.

Opaque bagging may be required because the item is:

  • Adult in nature or the packaging is otherwise explicit


Products that require taping need to be sealed in some way. This tape is in addition to any taping that might normally be required, for example, taping a box shut, securing bubble wrap around an item, or sealing a poly bag.

Taping may be required because the item:

  • May fall out of its packaging if the container is not taped shut
  • May leak if the lid is not taped in place
  • Requires tape to be fully sealed within the container

Prep may be required

Click the Prep may be required tab to view products for which the prep guidance is unknown. This may be because the product has not been received before or has not been previously classified as having a specific prep requirement.

If you know the prep required for products with no prep guidance available:

  • Click Choose category in the Prep guidance column and select the prep category that best suits your product from the drop-down list. If your product does not require additional prep, you can skip this step or select No prep.

The prep categories include (but are not limited to):

  • Baby products includes plush toys or products for children three and under (teddy bears, Pacifiers, baby bottles), and items with cut-outs greater than 7.6 cm.
  • Sharp includes sharp items or items with sharp edges (knives, scissors, tools, etc.).
  • Fragile/Glass includes items that can break or shatter (glassware, china, picture frames, etc.).
  • Clothing on Hanger includes dresses, coats, baby clothes.
  • Clothing, Fabric, Plush, and Textiles includes products made from cloth or fabric (clothing, blankets, linens).
  • Small includes products smaller than 2⅛ inches (5.4 cm) on the longest side (jewellery, key chains, flash drives).
  • Adult includes products displaying potentially offensive material (explicit magazines and films).
  • Liquids not in glass containers includes liquid or gels of more than 16oz in plastic bottles or jars (liquid soap, sprays, lotions). Liquids in glass bottles or jars should be treated as fragile.
  • Powder, pellets, and granular includes powders, scented home products, and powdered detergents.
  • Perforated packaging includes display case-packed items such as sweet displays or cereal bars.
  • No prep needed includes case-packed items that do not have perforated packaging and are sold as a case.

Next steps

After you have reviewed all of the prep guidance, click Continue.

Prepare products to be shipped with Amazon

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