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Adult products policies & guidelines

The sexual wellness category under Health and Personal Care (HPC), provides customers with a wide selection of adult and sexual wellness products. We maintain our customers’ trust by ensuring we do not list explicitly sexual or offensive adult personal products to all our customers.

Products subject to the policy: Our policies are subject to any product which is designed for use in sexual activities or that contains explicit images, titles, or any other content intended to sexually arouse. These products usually display or imply sexual activity in their product description or product images; and unlike sexually explicit artistic or scientific products, these products are intended to only promote or enhance sexual activity. Since these products are not suitable for children or sensitive audiences, the product listing will be restricted on Amazon. Sexually suggestive products are acceptable for sale with restrictions as long as they do not exploit minors, promote non-consensual sex acts, or violate local, state or federal laws.

Products in this category include but are not limited to products such as, dildos, vibrators, sexual enhancement supplements, constriction loop, ring, male masturbators, bondage gear, fetish wear, anal sex toys, sex furniture, sexy lingerie, and adult-oriented toys and games.

Note: All adult product listings MUST comply with the following requirements. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the suspension of your account or removal of your selling privileges.

  1. Flagged as Adult: The IS_ADULT_PRODUCT flag is applicable for the following products:
    1. Performance enhancers: A supplement or product that is used to enhance male or female sexual performance. Examples of products or words that are used to identify these products are: Penis pump, libido supplements, sex drive supplements/aphrodisiac, sexual endurance supplements, sexual health booster, erection supplement, sexual pleasure enhancement, male enhancement, and sexual stamina.
    2. Dildo/vibrator: An object used for sexual stimulation (usually phallic shaped). Examples of products or words used to identify these products are: Dildo, vibrator, massager (sexual), rabbit, magic wand, egg or bullet vibrator, G-Spot vibrator/massager/dildo, little rooster, pocket rocket, anal vibrator, vibrator cock ring, butterfly, and “undercover” vibrators (vibrators discreetly shaped as everyday objects such as lipstick tubes, cell phones, or art pieces).
    3. Constriction loop/ring: A ring designed to help a male maintain an erection. Examples of products or words used to identify these products are: Penile construction loop/ring, cock ring, penis ring, erectile dysfunction ring, ball bondage ring, head ring, and tension loop/ring.
    4. Male masturbators: These are male sex toys that usually consist of a soft, pliable sleeve into which a man can insert his penis. Male masturbators products can resemble human body parts; usually the mouth, vagina, butt and anus. They may also be disguised as cups or in eggs. Examples of products or words used to identify these products are: Pocket pussy, cock sleeve, masturbation sleeve, cock egg, and fifi.
    5. Sex games: Game types that are intended to induce arousal. Examples of products or words used to identify these products are: Card games, dice, and board games.
    6. Bondage gear: These are restraints used for sexual stimulation. Examples of products or words used to identify these products are: Sex rope, bondage restraint, nipple clamps, chastity device, muzzle, paddle, and whip.
    7. Fetish wear: An extremely provocative clothing generally made of leather, latex, and synthetic material that are intended to create sexual provocation. Examples of products or words used to identify these products are: Choker, leather mask, leather lingerie, and leather underwear.
    8. Anal sex toys: A class of toys designed to stimulate the anal regions of male or female users. Examples of products or words used to identify these products are: Butt plug, anal plug, anal massager, anal egg, anal beads, and anal dildo.
    9. Sex furniture: This is a special type of furniture made specifically to allow more comfortable positioning for a wide range of sexual positions.
    10. Sexy lingerie: Examples of products or words used to identify these products are: Open crotch, open cup/cup-less, edible underwear, see-through lingerie featured on a model, where nipples, butt, etc. are visible.
    11. EXCEPTIONS: Condoms, kegel balls/ben-wa, lubricants (male desensitizing and vaginal tightening), spermicides, enemas, and massagers.
      Note: If any of these items are phallic shaped, if the package contains sexually graphic images, or has explicit language in the title or description, the product will be marked as TRUE.
  2. New Condition Only: All Sexual Wellness products must be in NEW condition only.
  3. No Nudity: The package or listing must not contain any form of nudity.
  4. No Profanity/Graphic Language: Use of profanity or graphic language in the product's title or packaging is strictly prohibited.
  5. Expiration: Expiration dates must be clearly displayed on all applicable products.
  6. Clinical Tone: Any language describing a product must be "clinical" in tone—careful, businesslike, and straightforward, focusing simply on product features/benefits without sexual innuendo, adult language, or aggressive marketing.

In addition to the above mentioned guidelines, you must comply with the following:

  1. All offensive content is strictly prohibited.
    1. Graphic Sexual Images: Products that depict graphic sexual images in any form including print, video, and created images are strictly prohibited.
    2. Child Exploitation: Products that portray children under the age of 18 (or older, depending on local definitions) in a sexually suggestive manner.
  2. Applicable laws or shipping restrictions.
    1. You must follow any applicable laws or shipping restrictions for adult material.
  3. Sexual Wellness Categories: Sexually suggestive products MUST be listed under Health & Personal Care, Sexual Wellness and in any one of the following categories. If you fail to list these products in the following categories, your account may be suspended or removed.
    1. Safer Sex

      Examples are Condoms, lubricants, spermicides, and enemas.

      Location: Health & Personal Care > Sexual Wellness > Safer Sex

    2. Adult Toys and Games

      Examples are anatomically-accurate sex dolls or mannequins, dildos, vibrators, sexual massagers, games of a sexual nature, penis pumps, male masturbators, butt plugs, anal beads, and kegel balls.

      Location: Health & Personal Care > Sexual Wellness > Adult Toys and Games

    3. Bondage Gear and Accessories

      Examples are nipple clamps, chastity devices, gags, muzzles, paddles, whips, ticklers, nipple jewelry, genital jewelry, cock rings, bondage clothing and jewelry such as collars, and wrist chains.

      Location: Health & Personal Care > Sexual Wellness > Bondage Gear and Accessories

    4. Fetish Wear

      Examples are clothing or accessories that are intended to create sexual provocation, such as crotch-less underwear, see-through clothing that exposes breasts or genitals, latex body-suits, or similar attire.

      Location: Health & Personal Care > Sexual Wellness > Fetish Wear

    5. Sensual Delights

      Examples are edible underwear, erotic message oils, erotic bath oils, pheromone candles.

      Location: Health & Personal Care > Sexual Wellness > Sensual Delights

    6. Sexual Furniture

      Examples are swings, ramps and cushions.

      Location: Health & Personal Care > Sexual Wellness > Sexual Furniture

    7. Sexual Enhancers

      Examples are genital sensitizers, genital suction devices, penis pumps, sexual performance enhancing pills, nipple and anal stimulators.

      Location: Health & Personal Care > Sexual Wellness > Sexual Enhancers

    8. Novelty

      Examples are adult novelty items in the shape of genitalia that includes toys, collectibles, soaps, key chains, party favors, or food items.

      Location: Health & Personal Care > Sexual Wellness > Novelty

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