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Manage FBA Orders

To review the status of orders placed on Amazon on your Manage Orders page, click the view FBA orders link. If you sell your inventory on Amazon using Fulfilment by Amazon, Amazon manages your orders for you.

Payments for completed orders appear in your Payments report.

Manage Orders displays a list of all Unshipped, Pending, Shipped, and Cancelled orders, including:

  • Order details, including order ID, product name, quantity ordered, ASIN, SKU, sales channel, fulfilment method, and billing country.
  • Shipping information, including shipping method, payment status, and any pending action.
  • Tools for managing your orders, such as cancellations and refunds, shipping tools (purchase shipping and print packing slips), and more. Amazon customer service handles the actions for orders fulfilled by Amazon, .

For more information on how the Manage Orders page works, see Manage orders.

For information about how to search for and filter orders, refer to the help page Search orders.

Amazon-fulfilled orders

An Amazon-fulfilled order status can be either:

  • Pending – Some of the items in the order have not shipped. Orders may be pending because:
    • The order is pending whilst other items are consolidated for free shipping.
    • The credit card payment has not been authorised.
    • An item in the order is out of stock. In cases where Amazon splits the order, the status will be Pending until the final item has been shipped, even if the payment is complete.
  • Payment Complete – The order has been paid for.

Multi-channel fulfilment orders

Multi-channel fulfilment orders are identified as Non-Amazon in the Sales Channel field in the Order Details.

A multi-channel fulfilment order status can be one of the following:

  • Unfulfillable – The order cannot be completed because the product is out of stock or the shipping address is invalid.
  • Planning – The order has been received.
  • Shipping – The order is being packed for shipment.
  • Complete – The order has been shipped.

For more information about managing Multi-channel fulfilment orders, refer to the help page Multi-channel fulfilment.

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