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ERICA Proactive Investigation

What is Erica Proactive Investigation Program?

ERICA is a Machine Learning (ML) based mechanism to identify products posing safety risk to our customers and initiate investigations ahead of customer-reported safety concerns.

Trained with incidents data including Product Safety Investigation (PSI) and Customer Feedback Monitoring program (CFM), ERICA is designed to detect and analyse ASINs with high safety risks from entire Amazon Catalog.

What is the impact on Selling Partners?

ERICA team will contact the selling partners via merchant ID to provide testing documents for their high risk products. The selling partners can get there products tested under any CPSC/ISO certified labs. Once the selling partners are able to provide the required documentation, these products will be allowed for sale on Amazon store. If the documents are incomplete/not received from the seller partners, the ERICA team will remove the product listings on Amazon store.

Your responsibilities as a seller during the Proactive Investigation:

Your responsibility as a seller is to provide the correct information and documents to Amazon during a Proactive Investigation. You may need to ask for information from the manufacturer or importer to provide information.

How to reinstate ASINs suppressed by ERICA Proactive Investigation?

To successfully reinstate ASINs impacted by a Proactive Investigation, we may require documents that prove the safety and compliance of your product. You can upload the required documents from the link provided in the e-mail notification. If necessary, consult the manufacturer or importer of the product that you are selling by referring to the issue

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