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Choose your inventory file template

An inventory file template is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that includes multiple data columns for describing your products. Sellers use inventory file templates to upload and update listings to Amazon.

You can generate customised inventory templates specific to the types of products you sell. You can also list information for different types of products across multiple categories in one template. For more information, refer to the help page Create your inventory file template.

Review this table to choose the best type of inventory file for your situation:

File type Use case File name More info Video tutorial
Product creation and matching A page does not exist on Amazon, and you have complete product information. Category-specific inventory files UIEE files can also be used for Books How do I fill out a template?
Product matching only A page exists on Amazon, and you do not have complete product information. Inventory loader For information about Inventory Loader and the required fields, refer to the help page Inventory loader. How do I use the inventory loader template?
Inventory updates You want to update product price or quantity only. Price & quantity 7-column format How do I use the price and quantity template?
Category-specific inventory files For non-BMVD files, use the PartialUpdate feature How do I fill out a template?
You want to update listing data only. Inventory loader or Category-specific inventory files Listing loader can also be used How do I use the inventory loader template?
Shipping options You want to update BMVD shipping service options per listing or by using batch file settings. Category-specific inventory files

You want to change shipping rates for specific products. Shipping overrides

Next steps

Once you have selected and downloaded the inventory file you need, complete the following tasks:

  1. Add product data to your inventory file
  2. Upload your inventory file
  3. Check the status of your inventory file
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