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Document requirements to sell safety risk products

Amazon helps you to ensure that you are providing the best and highest quality products to customers. Requesting proof of compliance with regulations and governmental certifications is one of several ways in which Amazon works towards helping you provide safe products. Please review the documents that you may need to provide when applying to list your products on Amazon.

The documents required to list your products may differ based on the product that you are listing and the requirements to sell a specific product in a particular country.

Documents that may be required or accepted include:

  • Invoices
  • Product packaging pictures
  • Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) Certificate
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certificate (AU)
  • Certificate of Analysis (COA)
  • Test reports
  • Certificate of Approval



An invoice is a document that shows the purchase and transfer of products from a manufacturer or distributor to a reseller. We require the address of the place of purchase, the Seller address (which is listed within your Seller Central account), the date, and the amount of products purchased amongst all other items on the invoice (prices may be blacked out). Please note that Amazon may contact a supplier to confirm the validity of the invoice.

Documents that will not be accepted as invoices:

  • Pro-forma invoices – a quote or estimated invoice sent in advance of a shipment, which is not a demand for payment showing items shipped.
  • Sales or purchase orders – an order for units of product sent by the purchasing company or reseller.
  • Receipts or order confirmations – confirmation that an order was made, whether in a physical shop or through an online retailer.

For more information about selling products with safety selling restrictions, see Selling restrictions on safety risk products

Product packaging picture:

Amazon requires a picture or set of pictures of the product or its packaging to ensure that the product meets labelling requirements in Australia. Amazon does not accept mock-up label designs or computer-generated images, but requires actual photographs of the product or its packaging from all sides, instead of using an existing image from a third-party or online source.

Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) certificate:

The Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods is a database that provides information on therapeutic goods that can be supplied in Australia.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

The Good Manufacturing Practices document ensures compliance and traceability of all development, manufacturing, and testing activities, and is issued by a third-party auditing agency.

Certificate of Analysis:

A Certificate of Analysis is a document issued by a regulatory or quality assurance entity, which verifies the adherence to product specifications and standards of production of certain products such as food products and drugs. We require the certificate to contain the actual test results performed on the product batch.

Test report

A product test report is issued by a third-party lab and shows that the product has been tested to appropriate domestic standards for applicable products (e.g. helmet, children’s products etc.).

For more information about selling products with safety selling restrictions, see Selling restrictions on safety risk products

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