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The following requirements apply to listings in the jewellery category.

Jewellery image requirements

The following guidelines should be followed for jewellery images on Amazon:

  • Images must be border-free and on a white background.
  • Images must not include text, typeset or your company watermark.
  • Products must be recognisable, in focus, well lit and occupy 80% to 90% of the image area.
  • Items must be outside of any packaging, shrink-wrap or any type of display.
  • No models wearing products.
  • The entire product must be depicted in the image (no part of the product can be cropped out).
  • Minimum acceptable size is 1,000 pixels on the longest dimension.
  • Maximum acceptable size is 300 dpi @ 2,100 pixels on the longest dimension.
  • Images must be .JPG files.

Maintain jewellery data quality

Complete and accurate jewellery specifications are important to customers' buying decisions. Customers need information to make educated buying decisions. Jewellery shoppers especially rely on product specifications to narrow selection from the very beginning of their shopping experience. Missing or vague product details can frustrate customers. They might browse to another product or even skip buying altogether. Additionally, ASINs with invalid values for key attributes cannot be assigned properly to relevant jewellery browse nodes and refinements, which means customers who are using these tools cannot find them.

With the goal of improving the customer shopping experience in jewellery, we require several key data fields to be completed for jewellery products. Specific data requirements vary by product silhouette and the type of materials the product is made from. For detailed instructions on how to populate product specifications properly for jewellery items, go to jewellery data requirements.

Lastly, all jewellery product listings must meet Amazon's Amazon product authenticity and quality and sellers should ensure that listings follow FTC guidelines for the jewellery industry. It is each seller's responsibility to ensure that all listing data complies with both sets of standards.

Here are a few examples of key data:

Jewellery type Element Example
Diamonds Number of stones 3
Pearls Pearl uniformity good-to-very-good
Metal jewellery Metal stamp 18 K

The items above are just some of the key data fields found in the existing text file templates and XSDs. In the past, we have considered many of these data fields to be optional. However, now with the goal of improving the customer shopping experience in jewellery, we are requiring that additional key data fields be completed for jewellery products.

Jewellery data requirements

Jewellery data requirements are explained in detail in the jewellery data requirements file. Data requirements are specific to product type (such as FineRing or FashionRing) and vary between Fashion product types and Fine product types. The requirements apply to all jewellery sellers, regardless of inventory feed method.

This file has 11 tabs. The first shows requirements for product images, the second shows attribute definitions and the third shows accepted values for each field. The remaining tabs show the specific attribute (field) requirements for each product type.

There are a few important points to keep in mind as you prepare to provide this additional product data:

  • Do not use the jewellery data requirements file as an inventory file template. This document is intended only to highlight the required data elements, and not the entire set of data elements that exist in the inventory management tools you currently use. You can find the complete set of data elements in our text file templates and in XSDs. Continue to use your preferred method of inventory management while focusing on these quality guidelines.
  • Omission of required data will cause an error in the file submission process.

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