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Amazon Renewed – Quality Requirements (Australia)

This document covers the general quality requirements for a product to be eligible for sale on Amazon Renewed. The outlined requirements are intended to serve as a minimum required quality bar across all Renewed product categories. Any category-specific requirements are noted in Appendix A and will supersede the general product quality requirements. Any brand-specific requirements are noted in Appendix B and will supersede both category-specific requirements and general product quality requirements.

A. General product quality requirements. All Renewed products must meet the following requirements:

Permitted products

  • All Renewed products must be capable of being repaired and tested to look and work like new. Repair capability means that products must have components that can be replaced and/or upgraded to work and look like new. For more details, please see our listing restrictions here. .

  1. Product inspection and testing
    • Each product must be inspected, repaired (if applicable), cleaned and tested to function and look like new.
    • Any potential refurbishing operation will only utilize Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. Such parts can be new or refurbished to a like-new condition (with the exception of Apple for which no harvested parts can be used – see Appendix B.1).
    • No signs of cosmetic damage (scratches, dents, etc.) should be visible when the product is held 30 centimeters away.
    • Any markings on external surfaces of the product must be intact (e.g. product logo). No additional markings (e.g. supplier logo, engravings, etc.) will be allowed.
    • All products must be restored to their original factory settings and be fully unlocked for use.
    • Where present, batteries must have a capacity that exceeds 80% of the new equivalent.
    • Where present, displays should have no dead or stuck pixels, and show no signs of dimming.
    • Where applicable, products must be upgradeable to the latest firmware supported by the OEM (with the exception of Microsoft PCs, which must already be sold with the latest available version of Windows – see Appendix A.2).
  2. Accessories
    • Products must include all accessories that come with a new equivalent (see Appendix A and B for any exceptions).
    • Accessories may not be sold as standalone ASINs.
    • Accessories provided must be OEM, either new or refurbished to a like-new condition (see Appendix A and B for any exceptions) Consumable accessories (for example, air and water filters, brushes, strings, etc.) must be in new condition..
    • Where present, wall plugs must meet Australian standards. Adapters are not allowed as an alternative.
    • The inclusion of instruction manuals is encouraged (but not required). In the absence of physical instruction manuals, a link / reference to the manufacturer’s instruction manual can be included. Safety instructions must be included where required by law.
    • Products that come with a remote control should have a remote control that is already paired with the receiver. Alternatively, the package must contain an instruction manual on how the customer can pair the remote with the receiver and troubleshoot communication issues.
  3. Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
    • Products will be free of any PII before being circulated for sale. Examples of PII include but are not limited to name, date of birth, fingerprints or other biometric data, social security number, street address, email address, cloud storage account and credit card information.
    • Any PII must be removed in accordance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Standard on Media Sanitization or other applicable local regulations and standards. Please refer to NIST-SP.800-88.rev.1 for additional information.
  4. Packaging
    • Products must be packaged in their original packaging or in a new cardboard box. No product can be mailed in an envelope.
    • Packaging must be clean and free of any damage, markings and non-product related labels and stickers.
    • If the original packaging is used, the serial numbers on the box and product must match. In addition, labeling should be applied on at least two sides of the package, explicitly identifying the product as “Renewed”, “Refurbished” (or another applicable derivative).
    • Products and accessories must not be in contact with each other or move around in the box during handling.
    • Packaging must pass drop-tests based on widely adopted standards like those of the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA).
    • Every Renewed product must come with the Amazon Renewed Program Insert, which contains general information about the Renewed program and Amazon customer service contact information.
    • Products containing lithium ion or lithium metal batteries are classified as Class 9 – Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods. Refer to IATA and ICAO requirements as the product might require proper identification, classification, packaging, marking and labeling.

B. Product Sourcing & Distribution. As per Amazon’s policy on parallel imports (see here and here), all Renewed products must be authorized for sale in Australia. Selling partners listing products sourced outside of Australia must seek expert legal advice and make sure the rights owner does not object to such parallel import.

C. Warranty. All products must come with the following terms, to be honored by the manufacturer, refurbisher, reseller or third-party provider:

  1. Type of Coverage
    • The warranty covers any product sold under the Amazon Renewed program
    • The warranty will cover any defects that arise over the period of coverage.
    • The customer has the right to return a defective product and receive a replacement without incurring shipping or handling fees.
    • The warranty does not affect the customer's rights under the Australian Consumer Law, including any rights the customer may have in respect of faulty items.
    • The warranty does not apply to defects caused by insufficient maintenance or improper installation, operation and use by the customer.
  2. Period of Coverage: The Amazon Renewed warranty period for products sold under the Renewed program is six months from the date of receipt of the product. The Amazon Renewed warranty does not limit, restrict or modify any consumer right or remedy the customer may have under law, including against the seller or manufacturer under Australian Consumer Law.
  3. Representations
    • Warranty information (terms, contact information) must be included in each package. Products must include the Amazon Renewed warranty card template, or an equivalent warranty card.
    • Products that are sealed and contain adequate warranty terms and information by the manufacturer do not require any further action.
    • All warranty information and documents must comply with the requirements under the Australian Consumer Law (e.g. contain all mandatory content required by section 90 in the Competition and Consumer Regulations 2010 including details on how to claim the warranty, contact information of the person providing the warranty, warranty period, and the mandatory text). The mandatory text is:

      "Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure."

C. Quality controls and enforcement

  1. Selling Partner Quality Management System (QMS)
    • The Selling Partner will maintain an internal QMS that enables the timely identification and reduction of product quality and operational defects. While certification is currently not required, adherence to the ISO 9001 policies and guidelines is highly encouraged.
  2. Performance Monitoring
    • If approved to list an Amazon Renewed, Selling Partners must meet the following performance metrics:
      • Order Defect Rate < 0.8% and Product Review Score > 3.7.
      • Renewed Quality Score (RQS) > 98% (Seller level). Details on the RQS guidelines, expectations and enforcement mechanisms can be found on Seller Central.
    • Amazon Renewed reserves the right to conduct test buys at its own discretion. Products purchased for this purpose will be returned to the Selling Partner as per the regular returns process and will not affect any performance metrics.
    • Failure to comply with the Global Quality Requirements may lead to the removal of selling privileges on Amazon Renewed, and may require the submission of a "Plan of Action" to remediate and regain said privileges.
    • At any given point and at its sole discretion, Amazon Renewed reserves the right to remove any selling privileges if it is believed that an optimal customer experience is compromised.

    For any questions and clarifications, please contact your Amazon representative or reach out to us via Selling Partner Support.

Appendix A: Requirements by Product Category

  1. Wireless
    • Phones with a built-in, mandatory camera shutter sound are not permitted (e.g. phones originating from Japan or South Korea).
    • All devices must undergo diagnostic tests with the use of external applications in order to ensure functionality and data sanitization. Said devices must be restored to their original factory settings.
    • All devices must undergo IMEI checks to ensure that they are not blocklisted or stolen. Sellers must maintain IMEI check records for at least 120 days to support periodic inventory and order-level audits.
    • Phones that are branded and/or locked to a specific network are not permitted.
    • Headphones and SIM cards are not mandatory.
    • Any device that requires a SIM card must carry a SIM removal tool (original or generic).
    • The use of OEM accessories is encouraged (but not required). Any generic accessories must meet country standards of where the product is sold.
    • Screen protectors must be used whenever the screen could be in direct contact with any other item in the box. Screen protection should come in the form of device seal wraps that can be removed upon unboxing, not tempered glass / liquid screen protectors that remain attached to the device.
  2. Personal Computers
    • All Microsoft laptops, tablets and PCs must come pre-installed with a Windows operating system that is supported by Microsoft.
    • All Microsoft laptops, tablets and PCs must be equipped with authentic software licenses, as evidenced by the availability of a Genuine Certificate of Authenticity (COA) provided by a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher.
    • The use of OEM accessories (e.g. keyboards and mice) is encouraged (but not required). Any generic accessories must be compatible with regional requirements where the product is sold.
    • During packaging, it is encouraged (but not required) for monitor screens to be separated from their base and any other attachments.
  3. Small Kitchen Appliances
    • Food processing products will only contain material that is safe, non-toxic and compliant for sale in Australia. All surfaces that could be in direct contact with food or liquids must be cleaned and sanitized in accordance with the National Sanitation Foundation International (NSFI) standards or other applicable local regulations and standards.
    • Upon cleaning and prior to packaging, all products must be thoroughly dried. Products containing liquid tanks (e.g., espresso machine boilers, tea kettles, etc.) must be drained in full.
    • No external stains or signs of calcified water should be visible on any of the external surfaces, when the product is held 30 centimeters away.
    • Moving parts such as doors, trays and containers must be taped and secured during transit.
    • Where present, wall plugs must meet Australian standards. Adapters are not allowed as an alternative.
  4. Power Tools
    • Products under these categories might be sold without their accessories, as long as this is clearly communicated through the Amazon product listing page.
  5. Video game consoles
    • Gaming consoles must be tested for overheating and ensure full functionality of the optical disc drive or cartridge slot, and of all input and output ports (for example: A/C power, video, gaming controller, memory card).
    • Remote controller buttons, joysticks and connectivity (both wired and wireless) must be fully functional. Remote controllers sold in bundles must be pre-paired with their gaming console.

Appendix B: Requirements by Brand

  1. Apple
  • The Renewed store currently supports Apple iPhone models: 7/7 Plus, 8/8 Plus, X, XS/XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro/11 Pro Max and SE (2nd Generation)
  • Apple-branded (OEM) charging cables and wall chargers will not be permitted with iPhone products. Only generic accessories that are purchased directly from an approved list of authorised brands will be permitted. The current list of approved accessory brands are:
    • Mophie
    • Boxgear
    • Anker
    • Sharkk
    • Amazon Basics
    • Syncwire
  • Additional brands will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact your Account Manager or to learn more.
  • Sellers are required to maintain records of purchase for accessories. We will monitor compliance through our ongoing test buy operations and performance enforcement.
  • For non-iPhone Apple products, the use of OEM accessories is encouraged but not mandatory. If generic accessories are used, cables must be MFi (‘Made for iPhone’) certified and chargers must be RCM safety certified.
  • As part of the restoration to original factory settings, under Paragraph A.1.g., the “Find my iPhone” (or equivalent feature) must be disabled on all devices.
  • Accessories and parts like chargers, charging cables, headphones and batteries are not permitted to be sold as standalone products.
  • The use of harvested or refurbished Apple batteries is not allowed for any of the Apple product categories. Any potential battery swaps will require the use of new Apple batteries only.
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