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Amazon Policy on Reference Prices

Reference prices

In many product categories, you have the option of supplying a reference price, such as a list price (for example, a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price or MSRP). These reference prices might be displayed in several places, including the product detail pages and search results for your products, to show savings to our customers.

A reference price may consist of:

  1. A Recommended Retail Price (RRP) set by the manufacturer or its authorized resellers for the applicable marketplace. If you have an option to provide an RRP, you must ensure that it remains current. This includes ensuring that substantial sales of the product in question were made recently at RRP in the applicable marketplace.
  2. A pre-discounted price when you are offering a temporary discount on your products. Any pre-discounted price used as a reference price must be the lowest price at which you sold your product in the last 30 calendar days.

If you do not have a RRP or a pre-discounted price that meets these criteria, please make sure that you only provide one single selling price. If Amazon cannot verify a reference price you provide, we may suppress it.

Amazon Deals

The strikethrough price displayed for your Deal should display the price at which you made substantial sales of the product. If we consider that the Deal discount displayed is misleading, we reserve the right to cancel your Amazon Deal at any time to protect our customers

If Amazon considers that the Deal discount displayed is misleading, we reserve the right to cancel your Amazon Deal at any time without notice, to protect our customers and the Deals experience.

Duration of discounts

You discounts must respect any legal minimum and maximum durations. Allow intervals in-between discounts to ensure a good customer experience.

Your discounts and Deals must respect any duration requirements or restrictions under Australian law.

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