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Commingled Inventory with the Manufacturer Barcode

By default, your seller account is set to use the Amazon barcode (FNSKU) to track your eligible inventory throughout the Amazon fulfilment process. Those eligible products can be commingled with identical inventory from other sellers who also use the manufacturer barcodes for those items. If multiple sellers have inventory with the same manufacturer barcode, Amazon may fulfil orders using products with that barcode when those products are closest to the customer. This happens regardless of which seller actually receives a customer’s order. We use this process to facilitate faster delivery.

How the manufacturer barcode works

When you receive a customer order:

  • We may fulfil that order using another seller’s unit of the same product if it’s closer to the customer
  • You receive credit for the sale
  • We instantly transfer a unit of the ordered product from your inventory to that of the other seller

When another seller receives an order for the same product:

  • We may use a unit of your inventory to fulfil that seller’s order
  • That seller receives credit for the sale
  • We instantly transfer a unit of the ordered product from the seller’s inventory to yours

Note: Each seller’s sourced inventory of the same ASIN is stored separately in the fulfilment centres and we ensure that the initial source of the commingled units can be traced throughout the fulfilment process.

Benefits of using manufacturer barcode

  • Eliminating the need of additional labels allows faster inventory replenishment, less likelihood of labelling errors, lower fulfilment cost, and saves a per-item fee on the label service.
  • Strategic placement of the inventory by Amazon allows your product to reach customers faster.
  • In an event of an inventory problem, Amazon’s fulfilment systems are able to trace the source of the inventory throughout the fulfilment process for applicable resolution.


Products must meet the minimum requirements from the following:

  • Condition - New
  • Single readable UPC, EAN, ISBN, or JAN barcode matching single ASIN in Amazon catalogue
  • Not an expiration-dated product
  • Not a consumable or topical product (shampoo, soap, etc.)
  • Not dangerous goods

Note: If the manufacturer barcode maps to more than one ASIN, an Amazon barcode is required. Additional restrictions may apply and Amazon reserves the right to disqualify products from using manufacturer barcodes at any time.

Products that cannot be commingled

To qualify to use the manufacturer barcode and commingle your inventory, the product name on the package has to be identical to the ASIN that was created for listing.

Not all inventory is eligible for tracking with the manufacturer barcode. Amazon will, at its sole discretion, determine which products meet the eligibility requirements for using manufacturer barcodes. Products that do not qualify for commingled inventory must have Amazon labels to be received at Amazon Fulfilment Centres.

  • DVD
  • Software category
  • Video games (except devices and controllers)
  • Computers*
  • Toy and Games
  • Baby
  • Watches
  • Jewellery
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Shoes, Handbags & Sunglasses
  • Beauty
  • Food & Beverage
  • Drugstore
  • Pet Supplies
  • Electronics*
  • Camera*
  • Medical devices*

* Any of the memory products in the Computer category cannot be commingled and need a sticker. Original Inkjet Printer Ink cartridge, Compatible Inkjet Printer Ink cartridge, Original Projection Lamps, Compatible Projection Lamps, Memory products include USB, memory cards, SD cards, Mini/Micro SD cards, memory sticks, CF/XD cards, memory card readers, built-in memory and other memory devices.

* Medical devices are not commingled regardless of categories from the legal compliance point of view. If any medical devices that are shipped or stored as commingled inventory are detected, Amazon will immediately change the status of the inventory to unsellable. For more information, see Medical devices and accessories .

Note: *Certain product types within these categories are eligible for commingling. Confirm eligibility details on the Shipment creation page.

Parallel import products

The parallel import products in the following categories, bulk products (white box, simplified package), or OEM products (off-brands) also need to have a sticker. Amazon cannot receive your product if no sticker is attached.

  • Electronics
  • Office Products
  • Musical Instruments
  • Home & Garden
  • Major Appliances
  • Computers
  • Toys
  • Baby & Maternity
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Tools & Home Improvement
  • Automotive & Powersports

Amazon Barcode (labelling inventory)

If you don’t want to use a manufacturer barcode to track your products, or your products are not eligible for manufacturer barcode tracking, you need to use the Amazon Barcode setting and apply labels to each product that you ship to an Amazon Fulfilment Centre. This label indicates that the product belongs to you. You can either print these labels when creating a shipment or enrol in FBA Label Service for a per-item fee. Learn more about Labelled Inventory.

Note: All shipments to our Fulfilment Centres require scannable barcodes.

Each product Fulfilled by Amazon requires a barcode. We will always use the manufacturer’s barcode, when eligible, to track your inventory throughout the fulfilment process, unless you change your barcode setting.

Removing inventory tracked using manufacturer barcodes

If you submit a removal order for inventory tracked using manufacturer barcodes, you will receive units with those same barcodes. However, they might not be the exact units that you originally sent to Amazon.

Change your barcode setting

To fulfil your orders exclusively with your inventory, you can switch to Amazon barcode at any time. You can change your barcode setting for:

  1. Each offer that you create or
  2. The ASIN when you change a listing from Fulfilled by Merchant to Fulfilled by Amazon

For more information, see these Seller University videos:

To change your default barcode preference:

  1. In your seller account, under Settings, click Fulfilment by Amazon.
  2. Locate FBA inventory barcode preference and click Edit.
  3. Select Enable to use a manufacturer barcodeor Disable to use an Amazon barcode, then click Update.

Note: New settings will only apply to new offers after 24 hours and it will be reflected in each shipment that you create for an ASIN; you cannot change the setting for existing offers. To use a new barcode setting, you must create a new offer or change the barcode setting for each existing offer.

To change the barcode setting for a single ASIN:

You can use the manufacturer barcode for eligible products by changing a listing from Fulfilled by Merchant to Fulfilled by Amazon. For offers that are already set to Fulfilled by Amazon, you must create a new offer to use the manufacturer barcode.

The same process applies when you change to the Amazon barcode.

For the Amazon barcode, you must apply a sticker on each unit. For the manufacturer barcode, you must apply one of the eligible barcodes (UPC, EAN, JAN or ISBN).

Converting to the manufacturer barcode

Every time you create a shipment, a notification on the Set Quantity page will show which of your offers qualify for the manufacturer barcode. To begin switching from the Amazon barcode to the manufacturer barcode, click Convert. You can also replace your current offer with the offer just created.

You can convert to the manufacturer barcode in one of two ways:

  1. Convert an existing offer. Your existing offer can be converted from the Amazon barcode. Offers qualify for conversion unless inventory for the item is on the way to a fulfilment centre, already at a Fulfilment Centre, or both.
  2. Create a new offer. When inventory for the item is on the way to a fulfilment centre, already at a fulfilment centre, or both, a new merchant SKU is required. The new merchant SKU must be no longer than 40 characters. Creating a new offer takes 15 minutes or less.

Eligible offers can also be converted to the manufacturer barcode when you go to Manufacturer barcode: Convert eligible offers. You can generate an Excel file with eligibility details for your existing inventory, along with instructions on how to update and upload the file to convert your eligible offers.

Note: For offers that require a new listing with a merchant SKU, make sure that the names of the new SKU and the SKU that uses an Amazon barcode are easy to tell apart.

Important changes between old and new offers with the manufacturer barcode

When you create a new offer after switching to the manufacturer barcode or Amazon barcode, information from the old merchant SKU usually won’t apply. Read the following to see where action is required for your new SKU:

  • Inventory planning. Your new and old SKUs will have separate entries under, FBA inventory age.
  • Targeted advertising. If you want to continue targeted advertising such as Sponsored Products, launch them separately on the new SKU.
  • Lightning Deals. If you want to create a Lightning Deal for the new SKU, send inventory for it to a Fulfilment Centre. The inventory will be eligible only after it arrives there. Also, we recommend that you track the ASIN to make sure that it remains eligible for Lightning Deals.
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