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Payments based on delivery date

We typically reserve your sales proceeds until a certain number of days after the delivery date of an order to ensure that you have enough funds to fulfil any refund requests from buyers. We determine the exact number of days based on an assessment of your overall risk and historical performance, with the default being 7 days after the estimated delivery date (“DD+7” policy).

After the reserve period, the funds will be available for transfer to your bank account.

For example, if you sell something on January 1 and it’s delivered on January 6, then under the DD+7 policy, your funds will become available for disbursement starting on January 14.

How can I help get paid faster?

  • Ship your items as soon as possible, and confirm shipments in Manage Orders.
  • Provide valid tracking numbers using an integrated carrierwhen confirming shipments. This gives buyers peace of mind in knowing that their package is on the way.
  • Choose a faster shipment speed.
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