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Add product data to your inventory file

Once you download the appropriate inventory file template for your products, you can add your product data. Amazon will use this data to list and offer your products for sale in the Amazon catalogue.

Before adding product data to your inventory file

  • Choose the appropriate inventory file template for your products. You can generate customised inventory templates specific to the type of products you sell. You can also list information for different types of products in one template.
  • Find the product data for the required fields in your inventory file template.

    You can check the Data Definitions tab in the template for accepted values.

  • Update the recommended and optional fields with product data.

    See Improve product details to find tips on how to increase the visibility of your listings.

  • Evaluate the quality of your product images for better listings.

    See Improve product details for more information about the importance of quality images.

  • Optimise your listings with the right search terms for your products.

    See Optimise listings for search for tips to optimise these terms

To find how to add products through inventory template, see Add your product information to an inventory file.

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