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FBA Premium Placement

By default, Amazon assigns the destination fulfilment centre automatically in Seller Central during the FBA shipment creation process. The selection of a destination fulfilment centre depends on a variety of factors, including customer’s demand and available inventory in each fulfilment centre. As a result, Sellers might need to ship to different fulfilment centres when creating different FBA shipments to send products to Amazon.

The Premium Placement program allows sellers shipping from Australia to send their products to their default preferred fulfilment centre, subject to the limitations below.

Note: Certain products like hazmat, oversize items and alcoholic beverages can only be received by select fulfilment centres, which may differ from your preferred fulfilment centre. In this case, sellers will be required to ship the products to the fulfilment centre that is equipped to receive the items, rather than the preferred fulfilment centre.

The fulfilment centres that are equipped to handling of inventory of different sizes is outlined below:

State Standard size inventory Oversize inventory
New South Wales BWU2 BWU1
Queensland BNE1
Victoria MEL1 MEL5
Western Australia PER3

For example, requests to send standard size inventory in NSW to BWU1 will not be approved.

Premium Placement requests

Eligible sellers can request to be locked to a different destination fulfilment centre by contacting Seller Support. Once the request is approved, allow up to three business days for your change to be reflected in Seller Central.

Inventory Premium Placement fees

At this time, no fees will be charged for FBA Premium Placement. You will be notified in advance if and when fees for this program will become payable.

Amazon may modify the terms and conditions that apply to the Premium Placement Program or terminate the program at any time in accordance with the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement.

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