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FBA customer returns report (overview)

With FBA, Amazon provides fulfilment and customer service for your orders, including processing customer returns. We use Amazon's customer returns policies to determine if a purchased FBA item is eligible for return. For more information, refer to our Returns policies.

Important: Amazon's decision to accept or decline a return, and determination of the condition of a returned item is final.

You can find a list of returned FBA purchases in the FBA customer returns report. When a customer returns an item, we assess the condition (disposition) of the returned item and then process the return based on the condition.

For more information about FBA returns processing and policies, see Customer returns for orders fulfilled by Amazon.

Tip: FBA returns do not appear on the Manage Returns page. The Manage Returns page is for self-fulfilled returns only.

Refunds for items that are not returned

At our discretion, we can give a refund without requiring that the customer return the item. These refunds do not appear in the FBA customer returns report. You can find the refund amount that you are responsible for listed as a Product charge in the Refund section of the Payments report.

Reimbursements for customer refunds

You can track reimbursements for eligible customer refunds, whether or not an item was returned, in the Reimbursements report.

Field definitions

Online header Download header Description
Returned date Return-date Date returned merchandise was processed at the fulfilment centre. DD-MM-YYYY.
Order ID amazon-order-id Unique ID in the original shipment for the returned item (if available)
Merchant SKU SKU Seller's item identifier
ASIN ASIN Amazon standard item number
FNSKU FNSKU Fulfilment network SKU
Product name Product-Name The name of the product as it appears on Amazon
Quantity Quantity Number of units of this item returned
FC Fulfilment-centre-id Fulfilment centre where the returned merchandise was processed
Disposition Detailed-disposition Condition of the returned item: see Condition codes below for explanation
Reason Reason A short description of the reason for return as indicated by the customer. See Customer reason below for explanation
Status Status A short description of the status of the customer return. Please see Return status below for explanation.
LPN LPN A unique serial number that identifies specific items throughout the fulfilment process.

Customer-comments When available, comments submitted by customers regarding the reason for the return are provided.

Condition codes

Disposition Description
SELLABLE The unit was returned to stock and is available for purchase.
DAMAGED Amazon takes responsibility for the damage. Ownership transferred to Amazon. Amazon compensates you based on the FBA lost and damaged inventory reimbursement policy.
CUSTOMER DAMAGED The unit was returned to stock as "unsellable". This does not necessarily mean that the item itself is damaged (for example, external packaging might have been opened), but it cannot be sold again in this condition. When this happens the customer is refunded, but the unit stays in your inventory as "unsellable". You can request to have the unit returned to you. Learn more about creating Removal orders.
DEFECTIVE The unit was returned to stock as "unsellable". The unit is either obviously damaged or the customer stated that it is faulty. The customer is refunded, but the unit stays in your inventory as "unsellable". You can request to have the unit returned to you. Learn more about creating Removal orders.
CARRIER DAMAGED Amazon takes responsibility for the damage. Ownership transferred to Amazon. Amazon compensates you based on the FBA lost and damaged inventory reimbursement policy.
EXPIRED Units that are within 50 days of the expiry date might be set aside as "unsellable" and eventually removed for disposal by Amazon. Units that have been disposed of will not be available for return. You can request to have expired units returned to you if they have not been disposed of. Learn more about creating Removal orders.

Customer reason

Reason Description
OTHER Return option not available
ORDERED_WRONG_ITEM I accidentally ordered the wrong item
FOUND_BETTER_PRICE I found better prices elsewhere
NO_REASON_GIVEN No reason – I just don't want the product any more
QUALITY_UNACCEPTABLE Product performance/quality does not meet my expectations
NOT_COMPATIBLE Product is not compatible with my existing system
DAMAGED_BY_FC Product became damaged/defective after arrival
MISSED_ESTIMATED_DELIVERY Item took too long to arrive; I don't want it any more
MISSING_PARTS Shipment was missing items or accessories
DAMAGED_BY_CARRIER Product was damaged/defective on arrival
SWITCHEROO Amazon sent me the wrong item
DEFECTIVE Item is defective
EXTRA_ITEM Extra item included in the shipment
WARRANTY Item defective after arrival – Warranty
UNAUTHORISED_PURCHASE Unauthorised purchase – for example: fraud
UNDELIVERABLE_INSUFFICIENT_ADDRESS Undeliverable; Insufficient address
UNDELIVERABLE_FAILED_DELIVERY_ATTEMPTS Undeliverable; Failed delivery attempts
UNDELIVERABLE_REFUSED Undeliverable; Refused
UNDELIVERABLE_UNKNOWN Undeliverable; Unknown
UNDELIVERABLE_UNCLAIMED Undeliverable; Unclaimed
CLOTHING_TOO_SMALL Clothing; Product was too small
CLOTHING_TOO_LARGE Clothing; Product was too large
CLOTHING_STYLE Clothing; Did not like the style of the garment
MISORDERED Ordered the wrong style/size/colour
NOT_AS_DESCRIBED Not as described on the website
JEWELLERY_TOO_SMALL Jewellery; Too small/short
JEWELLERY_TOO_LARGE Jewellery; Too large/long
JEWELLERY_BATTERY Jewellery; Battery is dead
JEWELLERY_NO_DOCS Jewellery; Missing manual/warranty
JEWELLERY_BAD_CLASP Jewellery; Broken or malfunctioning clasp
JEWELLERY_LOOSE_STONE Jewellery; Missing or loose stone
JEWELLERY_NO_CERT Jewellery; Missing the promised certification

Return status

Status Description
Unit returned to Inventory Unit has been returned to your sellable or unsellable inventory
Reimbursed A reimbursement has been approved for the unit. The unit has not been returned to your inventory (please allow five days for reimbursements to post).
Pending repackaging Unit is in the process of being repackaged.
Repackaged successfully Unit has been repackaged successfully and returned to your sellable inventory.
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