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Replacements report (overview)

Note: This report shows replacements issued to customers for completed orders. The Replacement report is currently not available in Australia. The below is a guide only and may be subject to change.

Please allow 24 hours for the report to be updated.

Field definitions

Online header Download header Description
Date shipment-date DD-MM-YYYY. Date of free replacement shipment
Merchant SKU sku Seller’s item identifier
ASIN asin Amazon standard inventory number
Warehouse ID fulfilment-centre-id Fulfilment centre shipping this unit
Original warehouse ID original-fulfilment-centre-id Original fulfilment centre shipping free replaced item
Quantity quantity Units shipped in replacement shipment
Replacement reason code replacement-reason-code Reason for replacement: refer to the Free Replacement Reasons section below.
Replacement customer order ID replacement-customer-order-id Order ID of the replacement order
Original customer order ID original-amazon-order-id Order ID of original shipment

Free replacement reasons

Code Reason
0 Other
1 Was lost
2 Defective
3 Damaged in shipping
4 Shipped the wrong item
5 Item missing from shipment
6 Lost by the shipper
7 Catalogue error/wrong item ordered
8 Shipped to the wrong address
9 Delivery problem (correct address)
10 Damaged due to DC/FC handling
11 Shipment in clean-up: item not received
12 Policy exception/customer error

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