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How to list products that do not have a GTIN (UPC, EAN, JAN, or ISBN)

If your product does not have a standard product identifier such as a UPC, EAN, JAN, or ISBN, you can apply for a UPC exemption for your product's category.

Using a standard product ID, which is also referred to as GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) such as a UPC, ISBN, or EAN to create new product detail pages is the first step in ensuring a high-quality shopping experience for Amazon customers. Using a GTIN also makes it easier for you to add more information to the product detail pages. Most categories require you to use a GTIN when creating new product detail pages or when matching to the existing products in the Amazon catalogue.

For more information on GTIN requirements for categories, refer to the help page Overview of category UPC requirements. To avoid creating duplicate detail pages, refer to the help page ASIN creation policy.

If the product does not have a GTIN

We understand that some products do not have a GTIN. If your product is already listed on Amazon, you can list your offer on the existing product detail page and do not need to provide a GTIN. If your product is not listed on Amazon, request a GTIN exemption.

To learn how to list your offer, refer to the help page Product detail pages and offers.

Eligible cases for GTIN exemption

Here are some cases when you could apply for a GTIN exemption:

  • Brand, manufacturer, or publisher that does not provide a GTIN for the products (for example, private label products, or handmade products).
  • Non-branded products that do not have GTINs (for example, wholesale products).
  • Parts that do not have a GTIN (for example, some automotive parts do not have a GTIN).
  • Bundles that do not have a GTIN (for example, customised bundles may not have a GTIN).

Note: Studio for Video and DVD and Label for Music are considered publishers for a GTIN exemption. Select publisher in the request form for Video, DVD, and Music products.

Brands that require a GTIN

We have a list of brands that require a GTIN to list on Amazon. GTIN Exemption is not applicable for these brands. Any ASIN that belongs to any of these brands and does not have a GTIN will be suppressed.

Request a GTIN exemption

We require the following information and documents for a GTIN exemption request. Review the list before submitting your request:

  1. Support letter from brand owner, manufacturer or publisher to prove that they do not provide a GTIN for the products, or
  2. Sample Product title and images of all sides of your product and the packaging of the product for that brand or publisher

Support letter from the brand owner, manufacturer, or publisher

If you provide a support letter from brand owner, manufacturer, or publisher, along with other required information, we will make a decision within two working days. The support letter must meet the below-mentioned criteria:

  1. Is clear and readable.
  2. Includes issuer's name and contact information.
  3. States explicitly that they do not provide a GTIN for all their products, products that you sell, or that they accept customised products and do not have a GTIN.
  4. Includes your physical address, phone number, and email address or website address.
  5. Is in English or the marketplace's local language.

Template to send to your brand owner or manufacturer

Template to send to your publisher

Next Step

Click Request approval to apply for a GTIN exemption.

Request approval

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