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Condition guidelines

Assigning the correct condition to each product you list on Amazon is the first step towards providing a great customer experience. It is important to make a careful assessment of your product before specifying its condition.Listing your offer with the incorrect condition may result in your offer being removed and the deactivation of your selling account.

Note: Selling options vary by region, and you might not be able to list all of the following condition types on every Amazon store.
Note: You cannot edit the condition after you have listed the product.

For information about Renewed products, go to Amazon Renewed.

General condition guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all product categories unless otherwise indicated in the category-specific condition guidelines:


Just as it sounds. A brand-new item. Original manufacturer's warranty, if any, still applies, with warranty details included in the listing comments. Never used or opened, presented in its original packaging with all items originally included. The original packaging, if any, is intact.

Note: Used – Like New or Open Box, Used – Very Good, Used – Good and Refurbished can only be used where noted as acceptable in the category-specific condition guidelines.

Used - Like New or Open Box:

An item in perfect working condition. Original protective wrapping may be missing, but the original packaging is intact and in good condition with minor damage possible. Instructions are included.

The item is in good enough condition to be given as a gift.

Used - Very Good:

Only use if noted in the category-specific condition guidelines.

A well-cared-for item that has seen limited use and remains in excellent working condition.

The item may show some limited signs of wear with small scratches or cosmetic blemishes. Item may arrive with damaged packaging or be repackaged and could be missing some accessories. Missing accessories are clearly defined for each item.

The item works perfectly.

Used - Good:

Only use if noted in the category-specific condition guidelines.

The item is fairly worn but continues to function properly. Item may arrive with damaged packaging or be repackaged. Signs of wear can include aesthetic issues such as scratches, dents and worn corners. The item may have identifying markings on it or show other signs of previous use. Item may be missing some parts or accessories such as screws (in the case of furniture) or a mouse or USB cable (in the case of a laptop). Any missing part or accessory must be disclosed in the listing so customers can make an informed purchase.


Only use if noted in the category-specific condition guidelines.

A refurbished product has been professionally restored to working order. Typically this means that the product has been inspected, cleaned and repaired to meet manufacturer specifications. The item may or may not be in its original packaging. The manufacturer's or refurbisher's warranty must apply and should be included in the listing comments. Refurbished items are sometimes referred to as remanufactured.

Unacceptable and prohibited items

Items in any of the following conditions are unacceptable for listing on Amazon:

  • Item does not work perfectly in every regard.
  • Item is not clean, including signs of mould, heavy staining or corrosion.
  • Item is damaged in a way that renders it difficult to use.
  • Item is missing essential accompanying material or parts. This does not necessarily include instructions.
  • Item requires repair or service.
  • Item was originally distributed as a promotional copy, promotional bundle, product sample or advance reading copy. This includes uncorrected proofs of in-print or not-yet-published books.
  • Any aspect of the item is obscured and not able to be read or viewed because of markings, stickers or other damage.
  • Item has passed the expiration date (includes "best by" and "sell by" dates), has an unacceptable portion of its shelf life remaining, or has had the expiration date removed or tampered with.
  • Item was intended for destruction or disposal or otherwise designated as unsellable by the manufacturer or a supplier, vendor or retailer.

For information about prohibited products, go to Restricted Products.

Only full retail versions of software may be sold on Amazon. See Software & Computer Games for a list of software products that are prohibited for sale on Amazon.

Category-specific condition guidelines

For information about Books, go to Condition guidelines: Books.

For information about Renewed products, go to Amazon Renewed.

Consumable, Ingestible, and/or Topical products

All consumable, ingestible, and/or topical products sold on Amazon must be listed in New condition. This includes, for example, items within the Beauty, Food & Grocery, Health Care, and Vitamins & Dietary Supplements categories. To be considered New, items must not have been previously used, be in the original packaging, and be properly prepared, packaged, sealed, and labelled to prevent contamination, spoiling, melting, and damage.

Products cannot be listed in New condition if the items have been used, have any signs of use, damage, or were intended for destruction or disposal, or were otherwise designated as unsellable by the manufacturer or a supplier, vendor, or retailer. For additional information on how to list these items, go to Food & Beverage, Drug & Drug Paraphernalia, Grocery, and Dietary Supplements .

To ensure that customers are able to buy with confidence from all sellers on Amazon, you may be required to obtain approval to list certain products. For more information, see Categories requiring approval.

Condition guidelines

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