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List FBA products in bulk

Learn how you can upload product listings in bulk using a flat file instead of listing each product individually.

You can create listings for fulfilment by Amazon products in bulk by uploading a tab-delimited list. There are inventory file templates for specific Amazon categories that you can download and use to create your listing files.

For more information about listing products in bulk, refer to the help page Inventory file templates.

If you use one of the inventory file templates to list your FBA products, there are several fields that must be completed correctly to list your products for Fulfilment by Amazon. If you enter the wrong information, your FBA listings will revert to showing as being fulfilled by merchant.

After you have successfully uploaded the list, you can use the FBA fulfilment attributes template to update FBA-specific product information not included in the inventory file templates.

When you use these inventory file templates to create your FBA listings, make sure that you include the following information:

  • In the Fulfilment Centre ID column (fulfilment_centre_id), type AMAZON_JP for products that you will be selling through FBA. If you plan to fulfil this product yourself (Fulfilled by Merchant), leave the field blank or type DEFAULT. If you want to sell these products through FBA and fulfil them yourself, you need two listings, one for each fulfilment type.
  • In the Quantity column (quantity), leave this field blank for FBA products. You will use the tools in your seller account to update the quantity when you create your shipping plan. If you are fulfilling the items yourself (fulfilled by merchant), type the number of items you currently have in stock.

Update FBA product information

In addition to the inventory file template, use the FBA fulfilment attributes template to update FBA-specific product information not included in the inventory file template. This information is uploaded once for each listing that you have already created.

Download the FBA fulfilment attributes template to begin updating your existing FBA listings.

The workbook includes five tabs:

  • Instructions provides directions for using the template.
  • Data Definitions provides an explanation for each column in the template.
  • Template provides a blank spreadsheet for shipping individual products.
  • Example provides an example of how to list your products.
  • Valid Values provides a list of valid entries for the columns in the template.

To create and upload your attributes list:

  1. Review the instructions and data definitions.
  2. Fill out the spreadsheet, adding all of the appropriate information for your products with values from the Valid Values tab.
    Field name Definition
    SKU Unique blocks of letters and numbers that are assigned by you to the product you are selling
    is-expiration-dated-product Identifies perishable products
    Maturity-rating Identifies the suitable age range for product
    Identity-package-type Identifies the product packaging type
    Package-length The length of the product package
    Package-width The width of the product package
    Package-height The height of the product package
    unit-of-measure The unit of measure (for example, metres, millimetres and centimetres)
    can-ship-in-original-container Whether or not the product can be shipped in its original container or if it requires additional packing at the fulfilment centre
    serial-num-scan Whether or not the product serial number can be scanned
    serial-number-format The format of the serial number
  3. Click File and then click Save As. Browse to the location where you want to save your file. In the File name text box, type a name for your file. In the Save as type drop-down list, select Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt). Click Save.
  4. On the Add Products via Upload tool page, follow the instructions to complete the upload.

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